Teamfight Tactics champion pool and rolling chances

Know when to roll and when to hold.

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Rolling for Teamfight Tactics champions is a core gameplay system that ensures players can potentially hit the units they want from the shop at certain levels.

Spending your resources on developing units and taking control of the board is sometimes the best course of action. But deciding when to level and when to roll isn’t as straightforward. Without the numbers, it’s pure guesswork. Players typically roll at Stages 3-2, 4-1, and 5-1, with a wide amount of variety built into that standard based on win/loss streaks, economy, and power levels of a TFT lobby.

Leveling system changes for TFT Set 10

Major changes were applied to the TFT leveling system for Set 10, increasing the maximum level to 10. This changed up the XP needed for players to hit the next level in Remix Rumble. Changes start when leveling up from five to six, according to Mortdog.

  • Level Five to Six: XP dropped from 24 to 20
  • Level Six to Seven: XP dropped from 40 to 36
  • Level Seven to Eight: XP dropped from 60 to 48
  • Level Eight to Nine: XP dropped from 84 to 80
  • Level Nine to 10: XP dropped from 100 to 84

With the decrease in XP needed to hit a level in TFT, the percentage of champions showing up in the shop for Set 10 was also adjusted.

How many of each champion are in the TFT Set 10 pool?

With every set release, Riot Games puts out a chart detailing everything we need to know about champion drop rates by tier and level. There are a total of 60 champions in TFT Set 10.

  • Tier one (13 champions): 22 of each champion in the pool
  • Tier two (13 champions): 20 of each champion in the pool
  • Tier three (13 champions): 17 of each champion in the pool
  • Tier four (13 champions): 10 of each champion in the pool
  • Tier five (eight champions): Nine of each champion in the pool

The number of TFT champions within a pool is important when rerolling. Players attempting to reroll a four-cost unit, for example, must grab nine out of the 13 in the pool to successfully craft a three-star tier-four champion. The four-cost back size was decreased to 10 units for TFT Set 10.

With Headline champions providing plus-one of a given trait they have, system changes were made that prevented players from stacking champions on their bench, selling their Headliner, and then rolling a Headline champion that would give them a three-star unit. If a TFT Set 10 champion has less than half its copies left in the pool, according to Riot, that unit won’t appear in the shop as a Headline champion.

Stage damage per enemy unit left alive is 0/3/5/7/9/15.


If a player dies, the champions they have on their board and bench will return to the pool.

What are TFT rolling odds based on the number of champions?

Image of Jinx skin in TFT Set Nine
This table will help you. Image via Riot Games

Rolling odds of a champion showing up in the TFT shop are based on the number of champions within a set. The chart below helps players determine when to level up and when to roll down for a stronger board. Set 10 reworked XP needed to level, changing odds starting at level seven.

Pool size131313138
Level One100 percent
Level Two100 percent
Level Three75 percent25 percent
Level Four55 percent30 percent15 percent
Level Five45 percent33 percent20 percentTwo percent
Level Six30 percent40 percent25 percentFive percent
Level Seven19 percent35 percent35 percent10 percentOne percent
Level Eight18 percent25 percent36 percent18 percentThree percent
Level Nine10 percent20 percent25 percent35 percent10 percent
Level 10Five percent10 percent20 percent40 percent25 percent
Level 11 (When applied)One percentTwo percent12 percent50 percent35 percent

Loot Orbs will always pull from the Champion Pool.

When to level up in TFT Set 9.5

In conjunction with the TFT rolling chance chart, each set has a meta that determines the most opportune times to level up and roll down for key units that can make up a player’s end-game comp.

Here is a standard level-up guide for TFT Set 10 after PBE testing. Updates will take place for Remix Rumble once the new leveling patterns are established after Patch 13.23.

  • Level four: Stage 2-1
  • Level five: Stage 2-5 or Stage 2-3 if seeking three-cost champions after the carousel
  • Level six: Stage 3-2
  • Level seven: Stage 3-5
  • Level eight: Stage 4-1 or Stage 4-5
  • Level nine: Stage 5-1
  • Level 10: Stage 6-1


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