Teamfight Tactics champion pool and rolling chances

This chart should give you a better understanding of your chances of success.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics players are often faced with the choice between fishing for low-cost units and leveling up.

Spending your resources on developing units and taking control of the board is sometimes the best course of action. But deciding when to level and when to roll isn’t straightforward. Without the numbers, it’s pure guesswork.

Thankfully, Riot has released a chart detailing everything we need to know about champion drop rates by tier and level. 

The chart provided below should give you a better understanding of your chances of success in Teamfight Tactics.

One-cost (29)Two-cost (22)Three-cost (18)Four-cost (12)Five-cost (10)
Level 1100 percent
Level 2100 percent
Level 375 percent25 percent
Level 455 percent30 percent15 percent
Level 545 percent33 percent20 percentTwo percent
Level 625 percent40 percent30 percentFive percent
Level 719 percent30 percent35 percent15 percentOne percent
Level 815 percent20 percent35 percent25 percentFive percent
Level 910 percent15 percent30 percent30 percent15 percent
Level 10Five percent10 percent20 percent40 percent25 percent
Level 11One percentTwo percent12 percent50 percent35 percent

Tier one: 29 of each champion.

Tier two: 22 of each champion

Tier three: 18 of each champion.

Tier four: 12 of each champion.

Tier five: 10 of each champion.