Silco, Renata, and Hextech trait nerfs slated for TFT 6.5 12.4 B-patch

Balance changes coming in a confirmed 12.4 B-patch.

Image via Riot Games

A B-patch for Teamfight Tactics Neon Nights 12.4 will take place next week, targeting a number of champions and traits following the live release of Set 6.5, according to game design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer.  

The TFT balance team will push a B-patch scheduled for Feb. 23, which will adjust the power levels of champions like Silco and Renata, along with the Hextech trait. Mortdog addressed the state of Set 6.5 Neon Nights on his Twitch stream today following a Twitter post by Cloud9’s k3soju. The game design director confirmed a TFT 12.4 B-patch will take place while providing insight towards the potential balance changes that will occur within the update. 

The five-cost Set 6.5 champion Silco made history as the first original TFT champion that was not in League of Legends. Silco is “overtuned,” according to Mortdog. The five-cost champion’s spell, Unstable Concoction, will likely receive a nerf to its attack speed and its crowd control duration time that is granted to the two TFT Neon Nights cards placed in front of him on the battlefield. 

Also on the nerf hot seat for the TFT 12.4 B-patch is Renata Glasc. She is a four-cost Neon Nights champion who had her spell damage per second buffed in the final PBE patch prior to the live release of Set 6.5. Players may also see nerfs applied to three-star champions, specifically Sejuani, either in the 12.4 B-patch or in the Neon Nights 12.5 update.

The TFT team is also working on a Sivir bug. The four-cost champion was overbuffed during the PBE testing stages and the team was unaware of the bug at that time, according to Mortdog. 

The new Neon Nights Hextech trait has become one of the strongest opening traits within Set 6.5 while maintaining its power levels into the late-game stages. A nerf was applied to the Hextech shield in the final PBE patch, while the bonus damage was buffed in the second-to-last PBE update. The damage buff was too much, according to Mortdog, and will likely get reverted in the upcoming TFT 12.4 B-patch. 

Players can test out all the balance changes from the TFT 12.4 B-patch on Feb. 23. The next Neon Nights update is scheduled to take place on March 2 via Patch 12.5.