Here’s the patch schedule for League of Legends in 2023

Get all 24 of these updates in your calendar.

Image via Riot Games

League of Legends has built up a culture of regular updates, with Riot Games releasing new patches chock full of changes, fixes, and new content every second week—and it’s a tradition that’s continuing in 2023.

The biweekly updates include everything from solo queue tweaks to sweeping pro play changes, with champions, runes, items, and spells all under the microscope.

League patches also give Riot a chance to inject new content into their 13-year-old game. New champions arrive every few patches, as well as larger character reworks and mid-scope updates. Players can also expect to regularly see new League skins for all their favorites. Game-wide events roll out in updates too.

How often does Riot release League patches?

Game-changing patches hit League servers every two weeks. The Riot Games development team has kept a similar 14-day turnaround for most of the lifespan of their flagship MOBA title, with the objective simple: keep the decade-old game fresh every fortnight with new changes, buffs and nerfs, character releases, and more. Every so often there are short delays for holidays and Riot office shutdowns, but mostly you can expect a two-week timespan for every League update.

How to test upcoming League changes

While most League players are happy to get their hands on patch changes when they hit live servers every two (or so) weeks, some eager gamers want to sink their teeth into exciting new characters, all-new reworks, and champ changes as soon as possible. And who can blame them?

To test out League updates early, you’ll have to sign up for the League PBE server. There are a few steps involved: Here’s how to download and play on the PBE.

What is the current League patch?

Riot Games has just shipped the second League update of the year, Patch 13.2 (which actually released as a 13.1b update following a small Riot cyber attack in late January). There was a host of champion tweaks—both buffs and nerfs—and the Jax mid-scope update finally arrived after a tease in the middle of 2022.

Here’s the full 2023 League patch schedule from Jan. 11 to Dec. 6.

PatchRelease DatePatch Notes
13.1Wednesday, Jan. 11Read 13.1 details here.
13.2Wednesday, Jan. 25Read 13.2 (13.1b) details here.
13.3Wednesday, Feb. 8Read all the early 13.3 details here.
13.4Thursday, Feb. 23
13.5Wednesday, March 8
13.6Wednesday, March 22
13.7Wednesday, April 5
13.8Wednesday, April 19
13.9Wednesday, May 3
13.10Wednesday, May 17
13.11Thursday, June 1
13.12Wednesday, June 14
13.13Wednesday, June 28
13.14Wednesday, July 19
13.15Wednesday, Aug. 2
13.16Wednesday, Aug. 16
13.17Wednesday, Aug. 30
13.18Wednesday, Sept. 13
13.19Wednesday, Sep. 27
13.20Wednesday, Oct. 11
13.21Wednesday, Oct. 25
13.22Wednesday, Nov. 8
13.23Thursday, Nov. 21
13.24Wednesday, Dec. 6

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