Here are the LoL Patch 13.6 notes

Yuumi and Aurelion Sol are already having power stripped away.

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League of Legends season 13 is well underway as we hit the halfway point of March, and the title’s regular updates aren’t getting any less exciting—especially not League Patch 13.6, which boasts a pile of buffs, nerfs, and changes, plenty of stunning skins, and a shiny new champion.

This League patch cycle, players will get their hands on Milio, the Gentle Flame, who brings his fiery talents to the bot lane as the Rift’s newest support pick.

In the balance column, newly reworked characters Yuumi and Aurelion Sol both came out the gates too strong and Riot is responding accordingly. In particular, the Mystical Cat is having her anti-burst powers and Q strength toned down. The reworked pair are joined by Veigar and Zeri for nerfs among the changes.

Also in March’s second update, seven champions—including fiery debutant Milio—will be getting Faerie Court skins. Shen rounds out the patch’s eight new cosmetics with a villainous new Ashen Guardian skin.

Here’s everything you need to know about League Patch 13.6.

League Patch 13.6 release date

The next update of 2023 will roll out on Wednesday, March 22, according to Riot’s patch schedule. As per usual, the patch will roll out worldwide across the day, starting in Australia at around 10am (AEDT). Here are the key patch rollout times for some of the major League servers:

  • 3am PT (NA)
  • 5am GMT (EU West)
  • 3am CET (EU North East)
  • 8am KR (Korea)

There will be several hours of downtime once the patch begins. Matchmaking and competitive queues will be disabled across all League servers three hours before the update is officially deployed and set live.

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What’s coming in League Patch 13.6?

Yuumi, Aurelion Sol reworks already being nerfed

League’s newly reworked duo, Yuumi and Aurelion Sol, are both in the firing lines this week alongside oft-overpowered AD carry Zeri and burst mage Veigar. Yuumi is going to have her armor and resists cowled and her Prowling Projectile (Q) nerfed, likely via a weaker slow. Aurelion Sol’s nerfs have not yet been revealed.

Heading in the other direction, Vayne, Galio, Talon, and Ashe—though only her AD carry relevant abilities—will all be getting buffed once this next patch goes live.

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“Overpowered” ADCs keep getting whacked

Just recently, Riot Games shoutcaster turned game developer David “Phreak” Turley declared war on the AD carry role, calling it “very overpowered” and swearing to reel in that dominance across the rest of the season.

More changes have landed along those lines in League Patch 13.6.

In particular, this time around, items Bloodthirster and Navori Quickblades and runes Lethal Tempo and Legend: Bloodline are being nerfed. Bloodthirster’s shields are being carved up, while Bloodline will have less lifesteal after this March update. Lethal Tempo is losing attack speed and Quickblades is losing its cooldown slightly.

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Faeries take over League with new skin line

A cluster of new faeries is arriving on Summoner’s Rift in the 13.6 update, including variants for Ezreal, Karma, new champion Milio, and crowd-pleaser Seraphine. This time around, Katarina is the lucky pick⁠—she’s getting a Faerie Court Prestige skin to go with her newest cosmetic.

Here are all the new skins coming this patch:

These Faerie skins are set to go live during the League Patch 13.6 cycle.

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Here are the official patch notes for the March 22 update.

League Patch 13.6 notes



  • Passive damage increased from 110 percent plus crit chance to 115 percent plus crit chance.

Aurelion Sol

  • E cooldown changed from 12-10 to 12.
  • Stardust required for R2 increased from 75 to 100.
  • R1 stun duration reduced from 1.25 seconds to one second, cast range reduced from 1,250 to 1,100.
  • R2 knock-up duration reduced from 1.25 seconds to one second, cast range reduced from 1,250 to 1,100.

Dr. Mundo

  • Base health regeneration increased from 6.5 to 7
  • Base health regen scaling decreased from 0.55 to 0.5
  • W recast timer reduced from one second to 0.5 seconds
  • E damage to jungle monsters increased from 150 percent to 200 percent


  • E cooldown reduced from 12-8 seconds to 11-7.
  • W damage reduction increased from 20-40 percent (plus eight percent magic resist) to 25-45 percent (plus 12 percent magic resist).
  • W physical damage reduction increased from 10-20 percent (plus four percent per 100 bonus magic resist and 2.5 percent AP) to 12.5-22.5 percent (plus six percent per 100 bonus magic resist and 2.5 percent AP)


  • Base mana increased from 377 to 400.
  • Passive damage increased from 75-255 to 80-280.
  • W mana cost reduced from 55-75 to 50-70.


  • Passive move speed increased from 30 to 45.
  • Q attack damage ratio increased from 60-80 percent to 75-115 percent, Q buff duration reduced from seven seconds to three seconds.
  • W percentage health damage changed from 4-12 percent to 6-10 percent.


  • Base health reduced from 575 to 550.
  • Base attack range reduced from 21 to 18.
  • W damage changed from 100-300 to 85-305.


  • Q cooldown changed from 7.5-6.25 to 6.5 flat, mana cost increased from 50-75 to 50-100.
  • Q unattached missile speed reduced from 1000 to 850.
  • Q enhanced missile speed reduced from 1900 to 1650.
  • Q max range (in a straight line) reduced from 2000 units to 1725.
  • R overheal shield duration reduced from three seconds to 1.5 seconds.
  • Bonus Best Friend resistances removed during R.


  • Changes removed from patch.



  • Shield reduced from 180-450 (level 9-18) to 100-400 (level 8-18).

Fiendish Codex

  • Now builds into Nashor’s Tooth.

Nashor’s Tooth

  • Ability haste added: 15.
  • Build path adjusted from Blasting Wand + Recurve Bow + Amplifying Tome to Blasting Wand + Recurve Bow + Fiendish Codex
  • Total cost increased from 3,000 to 3,200.

Navori Quickblades

  • Cooldown refund reduced from 15 to 12 percent.


Legend: Bloodline

  • Life steal per stack reduced from 0.4 percent to 0.35 percent.
  • Max health reduced from 100 to 85.

Lethal Tempo

  • Ranged attack speed reduced from 30-54 percent (maxes at level 12) to 24-54 percent (maxes at level 18).



Hextech Drake

  • Hextech Soul base slow reduced from 45 percent (35 percent for ranged) decaying over two seconds to 40 percent (30 percent for ranged) decaying over two seconds.
  • Bonus attack speed reduced from 9-36 percent (based on stacks) to 7.5-30 percent (based on stacks).

Infernal Drake

  • Bonus attack damage and ability power reduced from 6-24 percent (based on stacks) to 5-20 percent (based on stacks).

Mountain Drake

  • Bonus resistances reduced from 9-36 percent (based on stacks) to 8-32 percent (based on stacks).

Ocean Drake

  • Health regeneration reduced from 3-12 percent missing health (based on stacks) to 2-9 percent missing health (based on stacks).


Faerie Court Ezreal

Faerie Court Fiora

Faerie Court Kalista

Faerie Queen Karma

Faerie Court Katarina

Prestige Faerie Court Katarina

Faerie Court Milio

Faerie Court Seraphine

Ashen Guardian Shen

Update March 19 11:01pm CT: Added more details on the changes coming in League Patch 13.6 including several confirmed buffs and nerfs.

Update March 15 11:52pm CT: Uploaded all League 13.6 skin previews.

Update March 14 11:49pm CT: Expanded details for buffs, nerfs, and changes released.

Update March 14 12:51am CT: Added Riot’s first Patch 13.6 preview.