The PlayStation 5 has crossed another huge sales milestone heading into 2023

Millions of consoles were sold in 2022 ending the year with a big win for Sony.

Image via PlayStation

Sony has shared the latest sales figures for its flagship PS5 console with PlayStation fans and while you’ve probably not seen any on store shelves, a whole lot of them have been sold.

During the PlayStation presentation at CES, it was revealed more than 30 million PS5 units have shipped since the device launched back in Nov. 2020. Furthermore, the biggest month for this now current-generation console was during Dec. 2022 rounding out the year with a massive sales push.

While 30 million consoles sold is no small feat, the number could seemingly have been much higher if production constraints did not persist. In the last few years Sony—alongside all of the other major console developers—has struggled to acquire components for their devices.

This ongoing semiconductor shortage has limited the amount of PlayStation 5 consoles on the market and made getting one a tall task for potential buyers. Fortunately, during 2022 the wait times to get your device have shortened drastically to the point that if you’re lucky enough you can even snatch one right off the store shelves.

Now with 30 million sold, the PS5 has outsold both the original Xbox and Atari 2600 devices and is gearing up to move further up the rankings. The device still has a large amount of ground to cover if it wasn’t to succeed Sony’s previous PlayStation 4 device boasting a massive 117 million units sold, making it the fourth most successful console of all time.

Looking at its main competitors, the Xbox Series X|S trails behind Sony’s PS5 substantially. The Nintendo Switch which has been on the market since 2017 is the PS5’s other main competitor, however, this handheld has had quite the headstart after moving more than 114 million devices so far.

Things are looking promising for the PlayStation 5 and it remains to be seen just how high the Sony device can rise in the rankings during its lifecycle.