The 7 most expensive Steam Trading Cards

Your bank won't be happy about this one.

Image via Valve

Most gamers won’t think twice about collecting Steam Trading Cards.

Trading cards generally don’t cost more than a dollar or so, but some hard-to-collect cards require players to perform difficult tasks in their respective games. This drives the market to raise the prices on these rare cards to sometimes unreasonable levels.

These prices may look scary to buyers, but you can see that virtually no one is actually willing to pay these high prices if you take a peek at the Steam Community pages. There are even occasional listings that get snatched for reasonable prices. Some players may even decide to play the game themselves to unlock the card instead of spending their hard-earned cash.

Here are some of the most expensive Trading Card listings on the Steam Community Market.

Fast destroyer (Foil) – $1,906

Fast Destroyer has ties to Infinite Tanks, a game that features tanks as its center. The level of detail in the game is rather impressive and the combat system can be quite appealing to tank fans.

Completing tasks in hectic environments like in Infinite Tanks will be difficult, slightly justifying this trading card’s price. There has been a couple of past purchases that had a maximum price tag of a dollar at best.

Cloud Hound (Foil) – $1,906

Cloud Hound is one of the older cards on our list and it originates from a puzzle game, So Many Me. Throughout your journey in So Many Me, you’ll run into many exotic-looking creatures such as the one featured on the card.

It also has a history of auctioning around the $20-mark, which isn’t an everyday sight for a trading card. Despite belonging to an old game, the card still finds buyers frequently and it can be the only hope for the person who listed it for $1,906.

The Crystal Caverns (Foil) – $1,882

The Crystal Caverns can be obtained through playing Will of the Gods, a game with a fun and unique concept. Players get to face each other in a one-vs-one concept, representing a god that tries to guide the most followers.

The card’s description reads, “To the far North, there is an epic battlefield, where sometimes, something happens”, and there have been some expensive purchases in its past. During summer 2021, a copy of The Crystal Caverns was auctioned for $69, which is almost unheard of for a trading card. Compared to other cards on the market, the listing for $1,882 may somehow have a chance here if the stars align in the process.

The Goats (Foil) – $1,882

The Goats are unlockable by playing Adios. The game itself features a pig farmer who decides to stop helping the mob, leading him to meet his killer.

With the game releasing in 2021 and most players potentially not focusing on collecting the trading cards, The Goats only has a single listing without any purchase history. Considering the lack of sellers, the unreasonable listing for The Goats may have a chance to succeed. 

Stela (Foil) -$1,873

Originating from Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX, Stela has one of the most consistent purchase histories for a trading card on the Steam Community Market.

The card often actions for more than $25, an impressive amount for a trading card. The buyers are scarce, however, and there’s a single purchase of Stela around every four-to-five months. 

Sumo Bot (Foil) – $1,867

Sumo Bot comes from a VR title, Pierhead Arcade 2. It’s possible to find all sorts of different arcade games in this title, but if you don’t have a VR system, it may be hard to collect its trading cards which can be the whole business plan behind the $1,867 listing.

Sumo Bot doesn’t have a purchase history, making it hard to determine its value for potential new buyers. The only single bid is at $0.13, meaning spending over a thousand dollars may not be that wise in the long run. 

Images via Valve