A ghost trapped in a Summoning Circle in Bleasdale Farmhouse in Phasmophobia.
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How to complete Paranormal Paparazzi challenge in Phasmophobia

Lights, camera, action!

Phasmophobia‘s weekly challenge system is the best way to tackle new types of trials and test how impressive your ghost-hunting abilities truly are. The Paranormal Paparazzi challenge is one of the many unique ones you can attempt.

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If you’re looking to earn a ton of cash and quickly level up, completing weekly challenges is your best bet. But since every challenge looks very different from the rest, it can be rather daunting to tackle each new one. Luckily, this is one of the more straightforward and doable challenges, so here’s how to complete the Paranormal Paparazzi challenge in Phasmophobia.

What is the Paranormal Paparazzi challenge in Phasmophobia?

The description for the Paranomal Paparazzi challenge in Phasmophobia.
It’s one of the easier challenges to complete, but it’s also all about luck. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Paranormal Paparazzi challenge is one of Phasmophobia‘s weekly challenges you can complete for a $5,000 cash prize and 5,000 experience. A different challenge cycles in each week and all challenges can be rotated back in again, so Paranormal Paparazzi will regularly pop up from time to time as it is selected from the pool.

The description for this challenge is, “You’ve got cameras, lights, and sound. Find that ghost type!”

Paranormal Paparazzi Phasmophobia challenge rules

The Paranormal Paparazzi challenge mostly follows the rules of Professional difficulty with a few extra modifiers for the theme. Before tackling this challenge, here are all of the specific rules you’ll want to keep in mind.

  • You must complete this task on the Bleasdale Farmhouse map.
  • The correct ghost type needs to be identified three separate times.
  • The challenge loadout does not include Sanity Medication, EMF Readers, Salt, Thermometers, Crucifixes, or Incense.
  • The challenge equipment you are given includes a mix of all Tier levels.
    • Tier I: Ghost Writing Book and DOTS Projector.
    • Tier II: Head Gear, Spirit Box, Sound Sensor, and Parabolic Microphone.
    • Tier III: Video Camera, Motion Sensor, Firelight, Igniter, Tripod, Ultraviolet Light, Flashlight, and Photo Camera.
  • The grace setup period is two minutes.
  • Your sanity starts at 100 percent.
  • All screens in the truck are active and working.
  • The fuse box is accessible, but it always starts turned off.
All of the gear included in the Paranormal Paparazzi challenge in Phasmophobia.
You’ve got a fairly good selection of gear to work with. Screenshot by Dot Esports

How to complete the Paranormal Paparazzi Phasmophobia challenge

To complete the Paranormal Paparazzi weekly challenge in Phasmophobia, you must correctly identify what kind of ghost is present on the Bleasdale Farmhouse map three different times. You can complete these three games at any point, but to obtain the bonuses associated with this challenge, you need to finish all three matches within the week it is active.

Since you’re missing some key equipment, successfully finishing this task ultimately comes down to a mix of luck and strategy. It’s impossible to identify some types of ghosts with absolute certainty since you can’t actually test for their evidence.

Phasmophobia Paranormal Paparazzi challenge tips

There is no way to guarantee you successfully catch the correct ghost type in Paranormal Paparazzi every time since it will be completely random with each contract you tackle, but here are some tips to increase your chances.

Play with friends

Bleasdale Farmhouse is a medium-sized map with three rather large floors, so you’ll have a much easier time successfully completing this challenge if you can round up some friends to play with you. With more than one player, this three-story home becomes much less daunting since you can get equipment down and cover the entire building more quickly to increase your odds of success.

Use Sound Sensors and Motion Sensors to locate the ghost

I’ve found the easiest way to locate the ghost on this map is to use all four Sound Sensors and all four Motion Sensors to pinpoint where the ghost room is. Since you have the Tier II Head Gear, equip it and fill all three slots with only the sensors instead of carrying a Flashlight.

The map and Sound Sensor boards in the Phasmophobia truck with the kitchen sensor going off.
Sensors helped me determine the ghost was hanging around the kitchen in this contract. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Once you’ve got your Head Gear on and three sensors ready to go, head into Bleasdale Farmhouse and begin placing them around the map. I recommend starting with one in the living room, one in the hallway on the second floor, and one in the attic so you have all three levels covered from the start.

If you’re lucky, you might locate where the ghost is right away upon returning to the truck if any noise or movement is featured on the screens, If not, repeat this process until all of your sensors are placed around the map.

You might have to move your sensors around if you aren’t picking up any activity, but I’ve always been able to track down the ghost fairly quickly with this method. Once all of your sensors are down, you can switch to using a Tier III Flashlight instead if you want to be able to see better.

Place Video Cameras and DOTS Projectors as soon as possible

Video Cameras and DOTS Projectors are two powerful pieces of equipment you can use early on to make your Paranormal Paparazzi challenge experience easier. If you’re still struggling to find the ghost room after placing all of your sensors, move on to adding your four video cameras around areas of the map that allow you to see many locations at once, like the entryway facing the living room and kitchen door or second-floor hallway which gives you an expansive shot of most of the bedrooms.

A Video Camera screen recording the Bleasdale Farmhouse map in Phasmophobia.
Video Cameras are a powerful tool for spotting evidence you otherwise can’t see. Screenshot by Dot Esports

If you’re lucky, you might spot Ghost Orbs, witness objects flying, see a door creak open, or otherwise witness ghost activity that can give you a better idea of where the ghost is so you can place your equipment down there. You only have two DOTS Projectors, so it’s generally best to hold off on placing these until you do know where the room is, but throwing them down with cameras can also be a good way to possibly catch evidence early on.

Use other challenge methods for help

Since you don’t have access to all of the gear types in Phasmophobia for this challenge, consider trying other challenge tactics like those you use for the No Evidence challenge or The Apocalypse Draws Near challenge. This means taking into account specific ghost behaviors, hunting patterns, and speed since you don’t have all of your trusty tools to rely on.

If all else fails, guess, reroll, and try again

Sometimes luck just won’t be on your side, so consider taking an educated guess on the contract you’re stuck on and then reloading to try again. My first round was easy since all three pieces of evidence were ones I could test and it ended up being a Mare as I caught Ghost Orbs, Ghost Writing, and a Spirit Box response, but in my next match, I was unable to get any evidence for what ended up being a Raiju even though I should’ve been able to get some of its required evidence.

Some ghosts will simply be easier to catch than others, and luck plays a massive role in how difficult or easy this challenge is, so just keep trying new contracts until you eventually determine the ghost type for this challenge three times.

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