A scarecrow in front of some pumpkins outside of Grafton Farmhouse in Phasmophobia.
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How to complete the Phasmophobia No Evidence challenge

A true test of how well you know the game.

Each week, a different special challenge mode becomes available for players to tackle in Phasmophobia. One such event players may encounter is the daunting No Evidence challenge, which may seem like quite a tough task if you’re unsure how to complete it.

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Here’s everything you need to know to help you navigate through completing the No Evidence challenge in Phasmophobia.

What is the No Evidence challenge in Phasmophobia?

The description of the No Evidence challenges which says: "These ghosts really don't wanna help you out, but we're sure you're up to the task."
This is one of Phasmophobia’s toughest challenges. Screenshot via Dot Esports

The No Evidence challenge is one of the special weekly trials that can be chosen as the featured challenge of the week. As the name suggests, you must complete this task without receiving any official evidence from the ghost.

In this mode, no matter what equipment you try to use, the ghost will not give you evidence. Instead, you have to solve this mystery entirely on your own, making it a very tough trial. 

No Evidence Phasmophobia challenge rules

For the No Evidence challenge, there are a few special rules you need to know about.

  • The challenge must be completed at Grafton Farmhouse.
  • There is no grace period for setup.
  • Your sanity starts at 100 percent.
  • All screens in the truck are on and working.
  • You’re given all Tier II equipment, but the ghost won’t interact with anything that provides you with evidence. This makes most of your equipment useless.
All equipment in the No Evidence Phasmophobia challenge.
It’s a great selection of items you can’t really use. Screenshot by Dot Esports

How to complete the No Evidence challenge in Phasmophobia

To complete the No Evidence challenge mode in Phasmophobia, you need to carefully analyze the behaviors the ghost exhibits to correctly identify the ghost type at Grafton Farmhouse three times.

This might sound daunting, but if you review the situation carefully, it’s possible to determine what kind of ghost you’re dealing with even without trusty evidence.

Phasmophobia No Evidence challenge tips

In this challenge, more than any other, knowing helpful tips is crucial to success. 

Understanding how each ghost acts and its distinctive behaviors is the only way to determine what type of ghost you’re working with. Each ghost has a myriad of specific traits you can use to identify them outside of their official evidence, so here’s everything you can watch out for in this trial. 

Watch out for the Mimic

  • If the ghost you’re dealing with seems to be changing its behavior frequently, you’re probably working with the elusive Mimic. This ghost swaps to mimic a new ghost type around every 30 seconds to two minutes. Luckily, this is the easiest ghost to either catch or rule out because it always presents Ghost Orbs as fake evidence that still show up in the No Evidence challenge. Check for fake ghost orbs as early on as possible to rule this ghost out.
The player holding a flashlight and watching a camera inside the house as a ghost orb floats across the screen.
Spotting orbs is an easy way to discover the ghost in this challenge. Screenshot by Dot Esports. Remix by Kacee Fay

Check the fuse box

  • If the ghost turned on the fuse box, you can immediately rule out the Hantu. This ghost cannot turn on the fuse box under any circumstances and is also twice as likely to turn it off.
  • If the ghost turned off the fuse box, you can immediately rule out the Jinn. However, the fuse box can still turn off during a match where the ghost is a Jinn if too many lights are turned on, so pay attention to when and how the fuse box is turned off before ruling it out.

Pay attention to light sources

  • If any light, television, computer, or other light source is turned on, you can rule out the Mare. This ghost thrives in darkness and never turns one on. Instead, it regularly turns any light source off. If you turn on a light and it is almost immediately turned off, there’s a good chance you’ve caught a Mare since most other ghosts won’t turn it back off right away.

Throw down some salt

  • If you place salt down and a ghost steps in it, you can safely rule out the Wraith. Along these lines, if you have salt down for a long time and no ghost ever steps in it, there’s a decent chance the ghost is a Wraith. In my experience, ghosts tend to reliably step in salt, so if you can’t get one to do so and are struggling with this challenge, then you may just want to guess Wraith.  

Take some ghost photos

  • If you take a photo of a ghost and the ghost shows up in the photo, you can rule out a Phantom. Along with this, if you take a photo of a ghost you see but it doesn’t appear in the photo, then you have solved the mystery and found a Phantom.
The player's journal open on the photos page where they captured a photo of the ghost at Camp Woodwind.
The photos you take may help you deduce what kind of ghost you’re dealing with. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Keep an eye on the ghost’s speed

Depending on how the ghost you’re dealing with is moving around, you might be able to determine what kind of entity you’re dealing with. Most ghosts move at the same speed, but a select number have special behaviors you can use to your advantage. 

  • If a hunt is active and you can hear the ghost’s speed rapidly shifting from normal to fast to slow, but they have no player in their line of sight, you have either a Hantu or Raiju. This indicator is especially easy to notice if you’re the only player and hiding somewhere it shouldn’t be able to see you since a change in pace should only occur if the ghost directly has you in its line of sight. 
    • If the fuse box is on and the ghost only seems to be speeding up in the ghost room, you’ve likely found a Hantu. The warmer the room is, the slower this ghost will be, while the colder the room is, the faster it will become. 
    • If the ghost seems to be changing its speed when near active equipment, then it’s a Raiju since this ghost usually moves at a normal speed until there is active electronic equipment for it to use. 
  • If the fuse box is on and the ghost was moving at a regular speed but suddenly sped up a ton upon seeing you, you’re likely dealing with a Jinn. This ghost can travel at a very rapid speed when you’re in its line of sight.
  • If you’ve noticed the ghost seems to speed up each time you see it, and you haven’t taken Sanity Medication to raise your sanity, you might be dealing with a Moroi. The speed of this ghost is directly tied to sanity, and it can work its way all the way up to 3.71 meters per second when sanity drops to below zero and five percent.
  • If you found an excellent hiding spot quickly and out of nowhere hear a ghost coming right for you even though they shouldn’t be able to find you, you’re almost certainly going up against a Deogen. This ghost will likely kill you before you can get away, though, since it always knows where players are during a hunt, but you can try to circle it in your journal before you perish.
  • If the ghost seems to be moving extremely slowly but suddenly picks up out of nowhere to charge right for you, it’s likely a Revenant.
  • If the ghost seems fast for one hunt but slow for the next, it might be The Twins. One of The Twins moves slowly while the other moves faster.
  • If the ghost seemed to be moving super fast in the beginning of the match, but its speed has decayed over time, you’ve found a Thaye. This ghost continually ages when players are consistently around it and becomes slower and less active.
The player holding a video camera and recording the outside area on the Camp Woodwind map.
Even though you can’t collect evidence, you can use equipment to help you track ghost behaviors. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Pay attention to the ghost’s behavior

  • If the ghost seems super shy and unwilling to start ghost interactions or do anything, you might be working with a Shade. This ghost is so shy that you might be actually trying to initiate a hunt several times with no response since it is reluctant to respond and unable to hunt if any player is nearby.
  • If the ghost performs one interaction that is almost immediately followed by another, it might be The Twins. This duo possesses a special ability that gives them away since they may sometimes act at almost the same time, and no other ghost can. There’s a special activity chart pattern you can look for as a clue here, too.
  • If you’ve had a ton of objects flung at you or around at once, the ghost may be a Poltergeist.
  • If the ghost seems to be sticking solely to its chosen room, this means it could be a Goryo.

Look out for an airball event

  • If you’re wandering around and suddenly get hit by a puff of smokey white air, you can rule out the Oni. In this event, the air moves toward you and collides with you while letting out a small hiss. The lights in the room also turn off if they are on. 

Listen for singing

  • If you’re hearing singing ghost events quite frequently, there’s a decent chance it’s a Banshee, since this ghost is more likely to produce this kind of event. However, it’s not conclusive it is, so use a Parabolic Microphone if you think it might be and listen for screams. If you get a scream, then you’ve caught a Banshee
The player holding a Parabolic Microphone inside Sunny Meadows.
The Banshee emits a special wail over the Parabolic Microphone. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Keep an eye on your sanity

If your sanity drains more quickly than usual, you might be able to narrow down what kind of ghost you’re dealing with since only a couple of them have sanity-affecting abilities.

  • If your sanity seems to be draining twice as fast and you’ve seen a few ghost events or experienced a few hunts, it might be a Phantom since this ghost drains sanity more quickly when you look at it.
  • If the fuse box is on and you feel like you’ve lost around 25 percent of your sanity out of nowhere, the Jinn may have used its special ability to drain you. You can get an EMF level two reading at the fuse box when this happens.
  • If you experience a sudden sanity drain and a door is slammed shut or open nearby, it might be a Yurei.
  • If you’ve heard a lot of singing ghost events and noticed that your sanity is considerably lower than you’d expect, you might be dealing with a Banshee. This ghost drains more sanity than usual with its special songs.
  • If you’ve heard a whisper through the Parabolic Microphone and noticed that your sanity seems to be rapidly decreasing since, you may have been cursed by a Moroi.
  • If you’ve had a lot of objects thrown at you and notice that your sanity seems to have decayed more than you’d expect, the ghost might be a Poltergeist.
  • If you’ve experienced a ghost event and noticed your sanity seems to have depleted at twice the usual rate, you may have found an Oni. This ghost drains sanity at double the rate during ghost events compared to other ghosts.
The player looking at the sanity board and a map of 13 Willow Street in the van while holding a flashlight.
Checking your sanity frequently helps you narrow down what ghost you’re dealing with. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Watch out for early hunters

Most ghosts cannot initiate a regular hunt until your squad’s average sanity has dropped to 50 or lower. But a few ghosts have special abilities that allow them to hunt much sooner which is a helpful tool for identifying them in this challenge.

  • If you feel like a hunt began when your sanity was quite high, the ghost may be a Demon. This ghost can hunt at any sanity, even 100 percent, and is known to attack more often than other ghosts. With a Crucifix placed, it can be easier to identify a Demon if you notice hunts are being prevented by it quite frequently.
  • If you’ve been doing a lot of talking around the ghost and get hunted early on, it could be a Yokai. Talking near this ghost raises the chance that it will initiate a hunt sooner than expected.
  • If three flames have been blown out, the Ornyo may initiate a hunt at any sanity level.

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