VCT Champions 2022 live results: Updated VALORANT scores, brackets, schedule

The best of the best collide to crown a new world champion.

Photo by Lance Skundrich/Riot Games

A long year of exciting VCT competition has led to this moment yet again: VALORANT Champions 2022 is here, and all interested eyes will turn toward the schedule, bracket, and results of the second VALORANT world championship.

This year, Champions takes place in Istanbul, Turkey. But the home crowd won’t be able to watch Turkish superstar cNed and his Acend team defend their title since they fell short in the VCT EMEA Last Chance Qualifier. There’s no need to worry about the level of competition, though. This year’s field of teams is stacked with contenders, favorites, underdogs, dark horses, and unknowns.

Acend and Gambit meet on stage following the VALORANT Champions 2021 grand final. | Photo via Riot Games

The 16 competing teams will compete first in a GSL-style group stage, with four groups of four teams each competing in a small double-elimination bracket that will send two winners from each group into the playoffs. The playoffs will be an eight-team double-elimination bracket of its own, ending in a best-of-five grand final on Sunday, Sept. 18.

Here is the VALORANT Champions 2022 schedule, brackets, scores, and more.

Competing teams and groups

Here are the 16 VCT teams that have qualified for and are competing at VALORANT Champions 2022, sorted by group.

  • Group A: Paper Rex, EDward Gaming, Team Liquid, Leviatán
  • Group B: OpTic Gaming, BOOM Esports, ZETA DIVISION, LOUD
  • Group C: FunPlus Phoenix, KRÜ Esports, XSET, XERXIA
  • Group D: DRX, FURIA, Fnatic, 100T


Playoffs bracket

Here’s the full double-elimination bracket for playoffs at VALORANT Champions 2022.

Screengrab via THESPIKE

Group stage brackets

Here’s the GSL-style group stage bracket for each group, complete with results.

Screengrab via THESPIKE

Schedule and scores

Here is the schedule of matches and the results of each match at VALORANT Champions 2022. All match times are listed in CT and are subject to change and delays. Each match will be updated during and after the match’s duration.

Sunday, Sept. 18

  • 9am: LOUD 3-1 OpTic (LOUD 15-13 on Ascent, OpTic 13-6 on Bind, LOUD 16-14 Breeze, LOUD 13-5 on Haven)
    • LOUD have won Champions 2022.

Saturday, Sept. 17

  • 9am: OpTic 3-2 DRX (OpTic 13-8 on Bind, OpTic 13-5 on Breeze, DRX 13-8 on Fracture, DRX 13-6 on Ascent, OpTic 13-10 on Haven)
    • OpTic advance to the grand final. DRX are eliminated.

Friday, Sept. 16

  • 9am: LOUD 2-0 OpTic (LOUD 13-10 on Bind, LOUD 13-3 on Ascent)
    • LOUD advance to the grand final.
  • 12pm: DRX 2-0 FPX (DRX 13-11 on Icebox, DRX 13-9 on Haven)
    • DRX advance to the lower final. FPX are eliminated.

Tuesday, Sept. 13

  • 9am: DRX 2-1 Fnatic (Fnatic 13-7 on Icebox, DRX 14-12 on Ascent, DRX 13-9 on Fracture)
    • DRX advance. Fnatic are eliminated.
  • 12pm: FPX 2-1 XSET (XSET 13-11 on Pearl, FPX 13-10 on Bind, FPX 16-14 on Ascent)
    • FPX advance. XSET are eliminated.

Monday, Sept. 12

  • 9am: LOUD 2-0 DRX (LOUD 13-11 on Breeze, LOUD 13-6 on Haven)
    • DRX move to the lower bracket. LOUD advance.
  • 12pm: OpTic 2-1 XSET (OpTic 13-9 on Haven, XSET 13-11 on Ascent, OpTic 13-8 on Pearl)
    • XSET move to the lower bracket. OpTic advance.

Sunday, Sept. 11

  • 9am: FPX 2-0 Leviatán (FPX 13-6 on Icebox, FPX 13-11 on Ascent)
    • Leviatán are eliminated.
  • 12pm: Fnatic 2-0 Liquid (Fnatic 13-6 on Bind, Fnatic 13-7 on Haven)
    • Liquid are eliminated.

Saturday, Sept. 10

Friday, Sept. 9

Thursday, Sept. 8

  • 9am: FPX 2-0 KRÜ (FPX 13-9 on Icebox, FPX 13-4 on Ascent)
    • FPX have qualified for playoffs, KRÜ are eliminated.
  • 12pm: Fnatic 2-0 100T (Fnatic 13-5 on Bind, Fnatic 13-7 on Ascent)
    • Fnatic have qualified for playoffs, 100T are eliminated.

Wednesday, Sept. 7

  • 9am: Liquid 2-1 Paper Rex (Liquid 15-13 on Haven, PRX 13-4 on Pearl, Liquid 13-8 on Ascent)
    • Liquid have qualified for playoffs, Paper Rex are eliminated.
  • 12pm: LOUD 2-0 ZETA (LOUD 13-11 on Bind, LOUD 13-5 on Ascent)
    • LOUD have qualified for playoffs, ZETA DIVISION are eliminated.

Monday, Sept. 5

  • 7am: KRÜ 2-1 XERXIA (KRÜ 13-4 on Icebox, XERXIA 13-7 on Haven, KRÜ 13-6 on Ascent)
    • XERXIA are eliminated.
  • 10am: Fnatic 2-1 FURIA (FURIA 13-9 on Icebox, Fnatic 13-7 on Breeze, Fnatic 13-11 on Haven)
    • FURIA are eliminated.
  • 1pm: XSET 2-1 FPX (XSET 13-7 on Pearl, FPX 13-4 on Fracture, XSET 13-5 on Breeze)
    • XSET have qualified for playoffs.

Sunday, Sept. 4

  • 7am: ZETA 2-1 BOOM (BOOM 13-11 on Haven, ZETA 13-11 on Pearl, ZETA 13-2 on Fracture)
    • BOOM are eliminated.
  • 10am: Liquid 2-0 EDG (Liquid 13-5 on Bind, Liquid 14-12 on Breeze)
    • EDG are eliminated.

Saturday, Sept. 3

  • 7am: XSET 2-0 XERXIA (XSET 13-11 on Fracture, XSET 13-10 on Icebox)
  • 10am: FPX 2-0 KRÜ (FPX 14-12 on Icebox, FPX 13-10 on Bind)
  • 1pm: DRX 2-0 100T (DRX 18-16 on Breeze, DRX 13-9 on Fracture)
    • DRX have qualified for playoffs.

Friday, Sept. 2

  • 7am: DRX 2-0 FURIA (DRX 16-14 on Ascent, DRX 13-4 on Haven)
  • 10am: 100T 2-1 Fnatic (100T 13-10 on Pearl, Fnatic 13-7 on Bind, 100T 13-7 on Haven)
  • 1pm: OpTic 2-1 LOUD (LOUD 13-7 on Breeze, OpTic 13-10 on Fracture, OpTic 13-3 on Pearl)
    • OpTic have qualified for playoffs.

Thursday, Sept. 1

  • 7am: LOUD 2-0 ZETA (LOUD 13-8 on Ascent, LOUD 13-9 on Fracture)
  • 10am: OpTic 2-1 BOOM (BOOM 18-16 on Breeze, OpTic 13-5 on Bind, OpTic 13-3 on Fracture)
  • 1pm: Leviatán 2-0 Paper Rex (LEV 13-8 on Haven, LEV 13-11 on Bind)
    • Leviatán have qualified for playoffs.

Wednesday, Aug. 31