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News, features, interviews, editorials; the GAMURS app has them all. Use the GAMURS mobile app for a wide variety of articles spanning several different esports titles.

Live Coverage

Through the app, you’ll get live up-to-date updates about all the latest news taking place in esports, as well as live coverage for major LAN events on our social media platforms.

Highlights and Recaps

Did you miss out on any of the action from a major tournament? Don’t worry, the GAMURS app hosts all of our event recap articles for every major esports event.

Specific Game Content

The mobile app allows you to filter out content based on the game of your choosing. So, if you only care about one specific esport, you can just use the app’s filter to just find content for that game.

The Esports Network

GAMURS is the Ultimate Esports Network, aiming to connect the global gaming community. We put members first, and that is embodied by the products, platforms, and content we serve our members. With a sole focus to better the way gamers play and give them genuine experiences, GAMURS is integral in the lives of millions of players around the world.