Study: One in five Germans are esports fans

Germans like it even more than cross-country-skiing, snowboarding, and table-tennis.

Thiemo Brautigam  -  4 days ago

Unikrn set to raise $100 million in cryptocurrency sale

The esports betting platform wants to circumvent banking.
Thiemo Brautigam - 4 days agoBusiness

Viewer research powerhouse Nielsen launches esports division

Esports will get in-depth viewer statistics and analysis.
Thiemo Brautigam - 5 days agoBusiness

T-Mobile sponsors TSM and Cloud9

It's the first time the telecommunications giant has sponsored an esports organization.
Adam Newell - 6 days agoBusiness

Riot is late implementing BAMTech, documents show

League esports' premium content app might not come before 2018.
Thiemo Brautigam - 11 days agoBusiness

Esports could be included in the 2024 Olympics, according to the Paris Olympic bid committee

The Paris Olympic bid committee's co-president is open to discussing it, at least.
Nicole Carpenter - 13 days agoBusiness

Disney buys majority ownership in Riot Games partner BAMTech

The company will pull its content from Netflix and launch its own streaming platform.
Thiemo Brautigam - 13 days agoBusiness

Team EnVyUs will reportedly receive a major investment from an oil tycoon

It's a major deal that rivals the biggest in esports history.
Nicole Carpenter - 14 days agoBusiness

Vainglory developer closes $19 million funding round

The developer wants to expand Vainglory with a five-on-five game mode.
Nicole Carpenter - 14 days agoBusiness