Best Brawlers to use in Brawl Stars

Always keep an eye on balance changes to know the meta.

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Supercell’s mobile game Brawl Stars includes almost 50 different Brawlers, and it can be daunting for beginners to chose which brawler to play depending on the situation. Some experience is needed to get a grasp of the game’s meta and all of its subtleties. Since gadgets and star powers were released, strategizing and customizing also became deeper.

If you’re saving your coins, and don’t know who to level up or to main, here is a list of some of Brawl Stars‘ best Brawlers considering the last balance changes that affected them, their versatility, and skill cap. Keep in mind, though, that Brawl Stars is an incredibly well-balanced game. The modes and maps offer opportunities for many Brawlers to shine, so the most important thing is to play the Brawlers you are the most comfortable with and knowing how to adapt your choices.

The best Brawlers to use in every situation

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Since she was released, Amber has been sitting comfortably in the highest tiers of the meta thanks to her unique basic attack and her strong damage over time. The firebreather can deal massive amounts of damage continuously and charge her super, which ignites a big area of the map.

She is viable in almost every situation and isn’t hard to play, although beginners might have to play a lot before hoping to earn her in random boxes since she has a legendary rarity. But when they do, all of their coins can be spent to level her up and grab those easy wins.


The latest Brawler has rapidly found her place in the highest tiers of the meta. Belle established herself as the best sniper in the game, on top of Colt and Piper. She has a long range, her basic attacks bounce on targets which makes her incredibly useful in choke points, and her super makes her target highly vulnerable.

Belle boasted the best win rates in the latest Brawl Stars Championship–62 percent in Heist, 60 in Hot Zone, and 59 in Brawl Ball, according to Brawl Stats. She is strong both in average level and high levels of competition, as long as the players have a decent aim.


Another recently-released Brawler, Stu has cemented itself as one of the strongest characters in the game. In this meta, which revolves around mobilit, Stu is king. His super, Nitro Boost, charges up very quickly and offers him a dash to close gaps or escape bad engages.

With the Speed Zone gadget equipped, he can dominate a game with his team who are all granted a movement speed boost. In addition, he’s easy to obtain since he’s automatically unlocked upon reaching 10,000 total trophies. In the latest Brawl Stars Championship, he boasted the second-highest win rate in Hot Zone with 58.25 percent, according to Brawl Stats. On top of his undeniable strength in every situation, Stu is incredibly fun to play thanks to his dynamic gameplay.


Poco is currently the best support and healer in the game. The latest balance changes buffed his Super charge, which gives him a free AoE heal that can make tanks basically unkillable. A very popular strategy with Poco is matching him with two tanks to create an infinitely tanky team. This strategy a classic, and has returned to the game thanks to his last buff.

The musician is also strong because he’s very easy to play and his attacks pierce through enemies, which makes him viable in basically every scenario. In addition, beginners can unlock him easily since he has good chances of appearing in random boxes.

He outshines other supports in the game, but Pam and Gene also remain viable options to fill the same purpose. If Pam has the tools to keep her super safe, she’s incredibly useful. Gene also received a buff recently, which grants him more heal, and can be picked as an aggressive support. Ultimately, it’s all about what you prefer according to your play style.


Max is another strong support due to her decent damage and superb mobility, which is very strong in this meta. Her base movement speed is “very fast”, the fastest category in the game, and her super grants her even more mobility by boosting her and her allies for four seconds.

She’s also a very fun support to play for those who like an aggressive play style compared to Poco, who is played more defensively.


Barley has become the best thrower in the game lately. Throwers are Brawlers whose basic attacks aren’t shot in a straight line but over the walls. They are the strongest in maps with plenty of walls and choke points, but can fit into any composition and game modes.

Thanks to his incredibly long range, Barley can control huge areas of a map without putting himself at risk, compared to Dynamike who has to get closer to the enemies to hit them. He’s also stronger than Tick, because his attacks are harder to dodge compared to Tick’s bombs delays, although he’s also a good pick. In addition to heavy damage, Barley’s gadget can offer him a slow or a massive heal that grants him a welcomed utility.

The second strong thrower is Sprout. Although he received a nerf in the last balance changes, he is still strong. His main difference with Barley is his Hedge, which can lock major parts of a map and grants him much more utility. He’s not often played in low and average levels, however. Sprout is hard to obtain since he is a Mythic Brawler, and he isn’t that easy to play. If his Hedge can allow his team to get an edge over the opponents, it can also doom them if not used properly.

Sandy and Colette

These two Brawlers are strong due to their versatility, although they each have a very different playstyle. Sandy’s main strength is her super, Sandstorm, which hides her allies for a long nine-second uptime. Her base movement speed is fast, her super allows her to control a massive area in the map, and her attacks pierce through the enemies in a cone. She is viable in every kind of situation.

On the other side, Colette is also strong thanks to her super, Time to Collect, which allows her to dash with a tremendous speed and deal damage to every enemy she encounters on her way. She also has a very long range and a fast movement speed, and she is best played when switching targets. Colette is also very versatile and can fit in every team’s composition.

Best situational brawlers

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With his short-ranged attacks, Edgar isn’t the most popular Brawler out there, but he has caught the attention of players when the new game mode Knockout was introduced into Brawl Stars earlier in May. His super allows him to decimate the opponents by putting all he’s got at one go, and then heal himself by dealing damage. Since there are no respawns, if the opponents allow him to get close to them, it’s practically a done deal.


Although other supports outshine Lou, he still has a strong utility and good area control thanks to his super, which drops an ice rink on the map that makes them slide in the area and lose movement controls. In addition to his passive, which freezes enemies after he hit them enough times, he’s always a good pick in maps where zoning is crucial, such as in Siege and Hot Zone.

Colonel Ruffs

Another support Brawler on this list, Colonel Ruffs is a hard-hitting support who can power up his allies thanks to buffs he drops on the map. He’s not that strong at every level, however. He’s mostly used in the highest tiers, in organized teams rather than alone. If his allies don’t know how to play around him, Colonel Ruffs loses a bit of his power.


Although he deals very strong damage, he’s in the situational section because he’s not easy to play. His main strength lies in his basic attacks, which have long range and bounce on environmental elements of the map.

When playing him, players will want to maximize his potential by using the bouncing effect rather than naturally looking for straight shots. He’s also harder to play in maps with wide areas, that’s why he’s picked more often in maps with choke points and walls.


Surge has become more popular recently. He’s the perfect counter to throwers, because he can teleport on the other side of the wall and get closer to them thanks to his gadget, Power Surge. It allows him to rush vulnerable opponents three times a round. Followed with his super, it can decimate the opposite team.

Since he has a very specific play style, however, he doesn’t fit in all kinds of maps. His super is also hard to use at its full potential.

Although the meta is beneficial to all the Brawlers listed above, the players can still win games with any of them. The meta revolves around mobility and long-ranged fights, so short-ranged Brawlers like El Primo and Bull will require some skill to close the gap and grab the win, unless you are in a composition with a good support Brawler.

It’s also harder to overcome a weaker strategy in Power League matches, since they’re in a best-of-three format which allows the teams to adapt to the opponents’ play style. Before heading to Power League matches, it’s a good idea to choose a selection of diverse Brawlers (like a support, a tank, a thrower and a sniper), master them and collect more trophies to strengthen them and maximize your chances at grabbing wins.