Nvidia RTX 4080 and 4090 circuit board details reportedly leaked

Another power-hungry PCB design incoming.

Image by NVIDIA

A recreation of an image obtained by Igor’s Lab reportedly details Nvidia’s upcoming 4000 series printed circuit board (PCB). The leak also includes information on possible cooling solutions including air-cooling solutions and all-in-one coolers.

The leaked AD102 PCB reportedly features 12 slots for GDDR6X memory chips, which indicates the potential for 12GB and 24GB configurations, according to Igor’s Lab. This is backed up by reliable leaks from Twitter user kopite7kimi as reported by Tom’s Hardware. Igor’s lab also floated the idea of lower configurations potentially coming in at 16GB or 8GB.

Looking at power delivery, the AD102 PCB has 24 voltage converters for voltage regulator modules (VRM) and four for its video random access memory (VRAM). The AD102 PCB is used with a reconfigured GA102 SKU 600W BIOS for board partners to test with since the actual 4000 series chips haven’t come in just yet.

Image via Igor’s Lab

One crucial detail to note is Igor’s Lab’s assertion that the soon-to-be-released RTX 3090 Ti is a test run for the upcoming 4000 series. The big takeaway here is the RTX 3090 Ti GA102 SKU is the first to use a 12VHPWR (12+4-pin) PCIe 5.0 power connector, supporting up to 600W. In order to serve those without an ATX 3.0 PSU, Nvidia and board partners will likely ship 4×8-pin to 12VHPWR adapters along with the cards.

To cool that 600W TGP, Nvidia and its partners have a couple of ideas. Nvidia’s line of thinking is to use a triple-slot air cooler for its Founders Edition cards. Board partners are said to be moving in the direction of a 3.5-slot design. Direct-from-factory water blocks and other AIO cooling solutions are also being considered but will not be the primary cooling solution for the upcoming 4000 series, according to Igor’s Lab.

Igor’s Lab also hinted that the GA102 and AD102 are to be pin-compatible. This means that manufacturers can recycle their RTX 3090 Ti PCB design for next-generation GPUs. If true, this could be the first time GPUs of different generations and production processes are pin-compatible and share the same PCB, notes Tom’s Hardware.

While this leak is especially convincing considering several trusted voices are involved, nothing is set in stone. With few official details to go on, it’s always wise to temper expectations when consulting leaked information. Nvidia’s 4000 series is far enough away for certain aspects of the cards to change in the meantime.