Dota 2 The International 2022 Main Event live updates: Full schedule, scores, and standings

Once more, the Aegis returns to its resting place for a short time.

Photo via Valve

Welcome back to the stage of history—well, different game franchises, but history will still be made in Singapore as The International 2022 main event brings 16 of the best Dota 2 teams in the world together for one last clash.

Dota’s biggest stage will be split into two final segments between Oct. 20 and 30, with the playoffs being held at Suntec Singapore and the final set of games set to hold a stage in Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Right from the start, multiple teams will be fighting for their tournament lives in the lower bracket, while others look to carve their path through the upper bracket to claim the title of best Dota team in the world. 

This will be the most focused PGL’s production has been so far, with fewer series but more matches being played. While this might make it easier to follow as the playoffs go on, there will still be plenty of Dota to watch. And, if you want to enjoy the event to its fullest, here is a full breakdown of the TI11 main event format, schedule, and live standings that are updated with match results as they are published.

Let the battle for the Aegis of Champions begin once more. 

Dota 2 The International 2022 Main Event and Playoff: Full details, standings, schedule, and streams

Format and Teams

Starting with the playoffs, all 16 teams will face off from Oct. 20 to 23 at Suntec Singapore. 

This will be the first official bracket for TI11 and it starts with four teams packing their bags in a best-of-one elimination round. Every series beyond that will be played as a best-of-three, up until we reach the grand finals, where it will swap to a best-of-five to culminate the competition. 

There will be no fight for seeding, no trying to avoid certain teams, just a battle to see who can make the next legendary run. 

Once the top four teams are decided, there will be a gap between the regular playoffs and the “main event.” This is a first for TI and will give the final competitors a chance to rest and prepare for the last stretch, which will be held at Singapore Indoor Stadium from Oct. 28 to 30. 

Full TI11 playoff schedule and where to watch

Fans are finally getting their wish, with PGL’s hold over the streaming broadcast loosening slightly and the entire TI11 playoff broadcast moving from the tournament organizer’s channels back to The International’s official pages.

There will also be very little jumping around necessary for viewers who want to catch all of the action, as there are only going to be two active channels streaming matches rather than five for the group stage. 

Here is the full playoff bracket, with an updated daily breakdown of which games have already wrapped up. You can find the full schedule for when specific games start in your local timezone on the official Dota 2 site.

TI11 main event final standings

1Tundra EsportsTBD
2Team SecretTBD
3Team LiquidTBD
4Team AsterTBD
T-5PSG.LGD/Thunder AwakenTBD
T-9Evil Geniuses/BOOM Esports/ Gaimin Gladiators/EntityTBD
T-13Hokori/Team Spirit/Fnatic/Royal Never Give UpTBD
T-17Soniqs/Talon EsportsTBD
T-19BetBoom Team/TSMTBD

TI11 full match lineup, results, and live match scores

Main Event Day One (Oct. 20)

Upper bracket round one

Lower bracket round one (elimination round)

Main Event Day Two (Oct. 21)

Upper bracket round one

Lower bracket round two

Main Event Day Three (Oct. 22)

Upper bracket round two

Lower bracket round two

Main Event Day Four (Oct. 23)

Lower bracket round three

Lower bracket round four

Finals Weekend Day One (Oct. 28)

Upper bracket finals

Lower bracket round five

Finals Weekend Day Two (Oct. 29/30)

Lower bracket finals

Lower bracket round five