The 7 best crosshairs in CS:GO

Take a look at what the pros are doing.

Image via Valve

CS:GO is a game of strategy and reflexes. Even if you have the perfect gameplan, you’ll need a decent aim to seal the deal. While most professional players have years of experience, you can try to catch up to them, starting with aim training maps.

These maps are specifically designed to improve your aim by putting you in various in-game situations that will sharpen your skills. There’s one thing that most of these maps miss out on mentioning, however, and that’s the importance of your crosshair. If you’ve tuned into any professional matches, you may have noticed that not a single professional uses the default crosshair.

The main reason why players customize their crosshair is because the regular one is actually less than ideal when it comes to accuracy. While it does a good job of informing you about your weapon’s current spread rate, it can be too distracting at times. Most members of the community already know when their shots are accurate and when they have a wide spread rate, so having an indicator for that eventually becomes pointless.

Alongside making your crosshair more stable you can also tinker with its size and color to make it more noticeable while playing. These minor adjustments are usually up to personal preferences, but taking a look at what the best players in the game are doing will always be a decent idea to improve your gameplay. Feel free to make any changes to these crosshairs since the results may also vary depending on your monitor’s color profile.

Here are the best crosshair settings that pros use in CS:GO.

How can you use other players’ crosshair settings in CS:GO?

Before starting off with different players’ crosshair setups, you learn how you can copy and paste to use them as fast as possible in your next CS:GO match.

Though there is a custom crosshair configuration tool within the game’s settings, you’ll be able to start using a professional player’s layout by copy and pasting their console command line into your game.

You’ll need to turn on the console through the game’s in-game settings and launch it to enter the following crosshair codes.


Photo via StarLadder
  • cl_crosshair_drawoutline 0; cl_crosshairalpha 255; cl_crosshaircolor 4; cl_crosshaircolor_b 255; cl_crosshaircolor_g 0; cl_crosshaircolor_r 255; cl_crosshairdot 1; cl_crosshairgap -2; cl_crosshairsize 1; cl_crosshairstyle 5; cl_crosshairthickness 0; cl_crosshair_sniper_width 1;

The time frame between when s1mple was considered as a prodigy and then an absolute legend was relatively short. Even participating in the North American region at some point, s1mple is one of the best players in CS:GO.

As you move onto other entries on our list, you’ll notice that s1mple actually goes against the flow with his yellowish and slightly larger crosshair. While it may look different, his crosshair simply accomplishes the same goals.

S1mple uses the dot inside his crosshair as a way of measuring his accuracy. The wider crosshair is mostly because he prefers to have a clearer vision on his targets, which’s another aspect you should consider while deciding on your crosshair.

More closed down crosshair will essentially lower how much of your enemies you’re seeing and we recommend testing at least a couple of different configurations to see which style fits your gameplay better.


  • cl_crosshair_drawoutline 0; cl_crosshair_sniper_width 1; cl_crosshairalpha 200; cl_crosshaircolor 4; cl_crosshaircolor_b 50; cl_crosshaircolor_g 250; cl_crosshaircolor_r 50; cl_crosshairdot 0; cl_crosshairgap -2; cl_crosshairsize 1; cl_crosshairstyle 4; cl_crosshairthickness 1;

Prodigies look to have one thing in common and that seems to be their accuracy. ZywOo tiny crosshair showcases that he’s all about being pinpoint accurate with his shots.

He was able to overthrone s1mple as the best player in the game during his first year within the scene, making this crosshair configuration a must-try even if you decide on using one of the other ones.

You’ll notice that despite being small, there’s still an opening in the middle of ZywOo’s crosshair. Players usually prefer doing this to make identifying targets from a long distance easier. When there’s a solid dot in the middle, it may get considerably harder to tell whether you’re aiming for the head.


Photo via StarLadder
  • cl_crosshair_drawoutline 0; cl_crosshairalpha 255; cl_crosshaircolor 1; cl_crosshaircolor_b -1000; cl_crosshaircolor_g 0; cl_crosshaircolor_r -1000; cl_crosshairdot 0; cl_crosshairgap -3; cl_crosshairsize 2; cl_crosshairstyle 4; cl_crosshairthickness 0; cl_crosshair_sniper_width 1;

The veteran names in the CS:GO all feature one core similarity and that’s the struggles they went through during the early days of competitive gaming. Back in the days, not many computers could be considered as gaming grade and players even struggled with ping issues to servers that were close to them.

These kinds of difficulties slowly disappeared as technology became more accessible, but Ropz still had to start his career with a less than ideal setup. Despite playing suboptimal frames, ropz was still able to get into the Challenger tier of FACEIT, which allowed him to break into the competitive scene.

If you’re looking for a crosshair with a little story behind it, then this one’s for you. Ropz’ crosshair is tailored for riflers and frequent SMG users since it is on the smaller side of the scale.


Photo via DreamHack
  • cl_crosshair_drawoutline 1; cl_crosshairalpha 200; cl_crosshaircolor 1; cl_crosshaircolor_b 50; cl_crosshaircolor_g 250; cl_crosshaircolor_r 50; cl_crosshairdot 1; cl_crosshairgap -2; cl_crosshairsize 1; cl_crosshairstyle 4; cl_crosshairthickness 0.5; cl_crosshair_sniper_width 1;

There are only a few professional CS:GO players that can be remembered for their prowess of a single weapon in the game, but kennyS is one of them. When anyone thinks of the AWP, his name comes to mind and his crosshair reflects that.

The size and shape of kennyS’ crosshair resembles the middle of the scope of an AWP, allowing the player to visualize before right clicking on his mouse.

If you find yourself spending more time with sniper rifles while playing CS:GO, kennyS’ crosshair will be just right for you.


Photo via BLAST Pro Series
  • cl_crosshairalpha 255; cl_crosshaircolor 1; cl_crosshairdot 0; cl_crosshairgap 0; cl_crosshairsize 1; cl_crosshairstyle 5; cl_crosshairusealpha 1; cl_crosshairthickness 0; cl_crosshair_drawoutline 0; cl_crosshair_sniper_width 1; cl_crosshaircolor_b 0; cl_crosshaircolor_g 0; cl_crosshaircolor_r 250;

A newer generation of professional CS:GO players have already arrived, but they still have a lot to learn from the veterans. F0rest’s career speaks for itself and the Swede is still active in the scene, showing that he still isn’t done with his legacy.

F0rest’s crosshair is a decent fit for anyone that rotates between different weapon types throughout a game. Despite shining as a rifler, f0rest himself also doesn’t hesitate picking up an AWP if it’s needed.


Photo via DreamHack
  • cl_crosshair_drawoutline 1; cl_crosshairalpha 255; cl_crosshaircolor 5; cl_crosshaircolor_b 255; cl_crosshaircolor_g 255; cl_crosshaircolor_r 255; cl_crosshairdot 0; cl_crosshairgap -2; cl_crosshairsize 2.5; cl_crosshairstyle 4; cl_crosshairthickness 1; cl_crosshair_sniper_width 1.5;

Stewie2k is a legendary CS:GO player from the North American scene and an exceptional rifler. Stewie2k’s crosshair works even better if you’re familiar with the guns that you’ll be using.

The colors may seem a little off at first since green is almost like the industry standard when it comes to custom crosshairs. The yellow-ish tint especially proves itself useful in darker maps.


n0thing joins compLexity
Photo via ELEAGUE
  • cl_crosshairsize 3; cl_crosshairstyle 4; cl_crosshairthickness 1; cl_crosshairgap 0; cl_crosshair_drawoutline 1; cl_crosshair_outlinethickness 1; cl_crosshaircolor 1; cl_crosshairalpha 255;

Though quite a while has passed since n0thing’s prime, the years hardly ever took away anything from his skillset.

N0thing’s layout is quite similar to the default crosshair settings, making it a superb choice for players that don’t want to stroll away from the basics. If you consider as a variety player than perform with all types of weapons, this crosshair will be a solid base for you to work with.