DJs Alok and KSHMR to host online concert on Free Fire’s YouTube channel

Both DJs are Free Fire ambassadors.

Image via Garena

Free Fire is bringing DJs Alok and KSHMR together for an exclusive online concert on Oct. 23, according to an announcement made on the game’s Instagram page.

Both music producers are Free Fire ambassadors and have served as the inspiration for characters in the battle royale. Fans will be able to watch the concert live on Free Fire’s official YouTube page.

This announcement comes a day after the release of the official music video for “One More Round.” The song, produced by DJ KSHMR, is Booyah Day’s event theme and one of the results of the collab between the battle royale and the music producer. DJ KSHMR also became the inspiration for new Free Fire character K, released on Oct. 15. 

K was released with an interesting trait. His active skill, Master of All, has two modes: Psych Professor and JiuJitsu Master. In the first mode, K is able to increase his EP to HP conversion rate by 500 percent for allies within a six-meter radius and himself. In Jiujitsu Master mode, he’s also able to regenerate two EP every two or three seconds, up to 100 or 150 EP. 

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DJ KSHMR wasn’t the first music producer to become a Free Fire ambassador, though. In 2019, Garena invited Brazilian DJ Alok to write an exclusive song dedicated to the game. The track “Vale Vale” was played live for the first time by the DJ during the Free Fire World Series 2019 finals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Alok also became one of Free Fire’s most popular characters because of his healing ability, Drop the Beat. Almost every squad in the game chose to have an Alok character on their team because of his five-meter aura that replenishes five HP for five seconds and increases ally movement speed by 10 percent. After seeing success in the game, Alok now hosts Free Fire livestreams and competitions.