Kalahari map removed from Free Fire’s ranked mode

The map will still be available in the classic mode.

Image via Garena

The Kalahari map will be officially removed from Free Fire’s ranked mode on Oct. 16, according to an announcement released today on Free Fire Brazil’s Instagram page. Garena says the decision was made after a poll was taken in-game. 

The desert map was first announced in November 2019, being released for classic matches right after. In June 2020, Kalahari was officially added to the ranked mode map list but only lasted two seasons. 

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Kalahari is a smaller, dynamic map that has more areas for players to fall and battle for good loot. The intention of the new map was to speed up combat, making squads run into each other more frequently. 

With the arrival of Kalahari, Garena removed Purgatory because of its similarity to Bermuda—a decision that angered many players. After listening to the community’s complaints, though, the company put Purgatory back on the list and has now removed Kalahari, all based on player feedback. 

Kalahari will still be available in Free Fire’s classic mode. But the ranked mode will go back to two maps: Bermuda and Purgatory.

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