Everything you need to know about Free Fire’s Booyah Day event

Starting today, the event will give out free and exclusive items.

Image via Garena

Free Fire’s Booyah Day event started today, Oct. 16, and will last until Nov. 1. Players will be able to get free and exclusive items. They’ll also get to play a new mini-game and a new Clash Squad mode.

The Booyah Day theme song, “One More Round,” was released yesterday. You can listen to it here.

Starting today, Booyah Bingo will be available daily for players to win Booyah Crowns that can later be exchanged for items like a Booyah Day surfboard, banner, parachute, loot box, grenade, and bat. 

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During the event, a Booyah Global Scoreboard will rank Free Fire players with the most wins. The top 100 players on this scoreboard will win exclusive items. Another scoreboard will count the wins in a new mini-game named Booyah Go, which will also be available throughout the event. In the mini-game, players will have to reach the Booyah point in a board game scenario. 

Screengrab via Garena

On Oct. 20, players will receive 12 missions that have to be completed in one week. When finished with these missions, they must log in on Oct. 24 to claim their reward.

The Booyah Day event will have its peak day on Oct. 24 when all players who log in will receive a free UMP skin. This skin will be the first that allows you to level up the gun. At every level, the gun will have a new exclusive look.

Finally, a new Clash Squad mode will be available in Free Fire from Oct. 24 until the end of the Booyah Day event. In this new mode, eight squads will play separately in four different parts of the map. Each team has three lives and needs to win to keep them. They’ll be eliminated when they lose all three lives. The winning squad is the last one with lives in a dodgeball style game.

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