Ring of Echos Music Notes puzzle solution in Tower of Fantasy

You should have paid attention during music class.

Image via Perfect World

Throughout their adventures in Tower of Fantasy, players will complete various tasks. From slashing through monsters to collecting items, there will always be something to do in the game.

There are also puzzle elements in the game which can significantly increase the time it takes to complete certain tasks. Some puzzles will have their answers given in riddles, while others may require you to find the right solution through trial and error.

Players will encounter the Music Notes puzzle in Ring of Echoes and they will need to step on the musical platforms in the right order to complete the puzzle.

How to solve the musical platform puzzle in Ring of Echos on Tower of Fantasy?

Considering some of the platforms are elevated from the ground, they might be difficult to jump onto. Turn your back to the mountain and start with the platform that’s isolated on the upper left side of the cliffs.

After stepping on the first platform, cross to the other side and step on the second platform that’s also just above the ground level. The third platform is located just behind the second one, and you’ll need to jump a level above to reach it.

Once you clear all the platforms on the cliffs, head to the ground level and keep your back turned to the mountain. Step on the platform on the left first and then the right to complete the puzzle.

Players successfully complete this puzzle will get to unlock a Lost Treasure.