Is the Tower of Fantasy battle pass worth it?

It might not be perfect for everybody.

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Tower of Fantasy is here and there is plenty to do, find, and explore. As with many modern games, Tower of Fantasy features its own battle pass system but for new players, you may be left wondering, is it worth the cost?

Of course, the contents of battle passes differ between games and for some, it just isn’t worth the extra cost to get the rewards. This isn’t the case with Tower of Fantasy, but it still might not be perfect for everyone.

To help you answer the question of whether or not you should buy the Tower of Fantasy battle pass, here are the things you’ll want to consider.

Is the Tower of Fantasy battle pass worth it?

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If you’re looking to have the easiest and most enjoyable adventure in Tower of Fantasy and don’t mind spending the money then the premium Advanced Pass is worth its cost, but it isn’t integral.

To help weigh the options you should first take a look at what the differences are between these two tiers of battle pass.

What you get in the Battle Pass

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With the free pass you’ll get resources including gold, weapon batteries, and dark crystals, however, the quantities are significantly smaller than what you will receive with the upgraded pass.

Alongside resources, the upgraded Advanced Pass offers players EXP materials to help upgrade weaponry, equipment upgrades, ascension materials, summons, and SSR pieces. Also, you’ll get drop rate boosters and other items that can bolster your rewards and the power of items in-game.

Is the Advanced Pass worth it?

As mentioned above, if you’re looking for the easiest way to venture through Tower of Fantasy with the best gear then it’s worth upgrading to the Advanced Pass.

If you’re simply playing casually or don’t care to receive these advanced rewards then the standard pass will still provide you with some rewards to help you along your way.

Of course, if you’re even more eager you can purchase the most expensive tier of Battle Pass which provides all of the same rewards that the Advanced Pass does but instantly sets you at level 30 and provides exclusive rewards. This, however, does come at a bigger cost though it might be worth it for some players.