TFT 6.5 Neon Nights NA Regional Finals: Standings, scores, and schedule

The best in North America battled for an invite to worlds

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A total of 24Teamfight Tactics seasoned tournament players and ladder grinders competed over the course of three days to earn an invitation to the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship. 

For the first time in the history of TFT Worlds, North American players competed at the NA Regional Finals for a total of four slots at the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship, along with the possibility of qualifying to compete at the Last Chance Gauntlet for another two invites. 

The format for the NA Regional Finals consists of six games played each day. Unlike the EMEA Regional Finals, only eight players were cut each day based on points earned during each round of that day. 

  • First: 10 points
  • Second: Eight points
  • Third: Seven points 
  • Fourth: Six points
  • Fifth: Four points
  • Sixth: Three points
  • Seventh: Two points
  • Eighth: One point

Points were reset and the top eight from each day advanced forward for a shot to compete at Worlds. The top three players after three days qualified to compete at the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship, along with the finalist that had the highest placement average over the course of all three days. And the remaining two finalists earned an invite to the TFT 6.5 Last Chance Qualifier. 

March 25 NA Regional Finals standings

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A total of 24 players were split into three lobbies, with lobbies getting reseeded every two games based on points standings. 

SpicyAppies kicked off the start of the NA Regional finals by grabbing a Viktor at Stage 3-3 while running a win-streak into an eight Arcanist Viktor carry, winning the lobby with 100 HP for the first time in North American TFT tournament esports history. After two rounds of gameplay, Team Liquid’s Robinsongz sat atop the leaderboard. Close behind him were Inikoiniko, Ramblinnn, Guubums, VoidSin, Milk, DQA, and SpicyAppies.

History continued to get made during game three via a Mercenary cash out from TL Robinsongz with one HP at Stage 3-6. It turned into a comeback for the ages that evolved into a vertical Chemtech (seven) lobby victory.

Overall Standings after four games

Scores were close all throughout day one, resulting in some top NA players missing the cut for day two. Noobowl and C9 k3soju both missed by one point. The top 16 included a variety of newer names like nhân tâm, Inikoiniko, and SpicyAppies, alongside veteran tournament players like TL Goose, TSM Souless, TL Robinsongz, Guubums, BC Socks, Milk Guy, and sètsuko.

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Here are the 16 players who advanced to the second day of the TFT North American Regional Finals:

  • Guubums: 43 points
  • DQA: 42 points
  • Robivankenob: 40 points
  • TL Robinsongz: 37 points
  • BC Socks: 36 points
  • SpicyAppies: 36 points
  • Inikoiniko: 34 points
  • Rambilnnn: 34 points
  • TSM Souless: 33 points
  • sètsuko: 32 points
  • VoidSin: 31 points
  • Milk Guy: 31 points
  • SpencerTFT: 30 points
  • TL Goose: 30 points
  • Kyivix: 29 points
  • nhân tâm: 28 points

March 26 NA Regional Finals standings

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A total of 16 players competed during day two of the NA Regional Finals, with only eight advancing onto the third and final day. Players were split into two lobbies, getting reseeded every two games.

Ramblinnn started day two off hot, finishing second and first to sit atop the leaderboard. Close behind him were TSM Souless, TL Goose, and DQA. Heading into the last two games of the day, DQA was essentially guaranteed a spot in the top eight. On the bubble for the top-eight cut was around half the field.

Both Inikoiniko and SpicyAppies finished the day at 29 points with an overall average placement of 4.33. Inikoiniko won the tiebreaker, making it into the top eight. DQA dominated during day two, finishing with 47 points. TL Goose came in second, followed by Guubums and Ramblinnn.

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Here were the top eight TFT players advancing to the NA Regional Finals day three playoffs:

  • DQA: 47 points
  • TL Goose: 46 points
  • Guubums: 42 points
  • Ramblinnn: 38 points
  • Milk: 35 points
  • TL Robinsongz: 32 points
  • TSM Souless: 30 points
  • Inikoiniko: 29 points

March 27 NA Regional Finals standings

A total of eight players competed over the course of six games, with four earning direct invites to the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship. The top three earned an invite, along with the competitor who had the highest placement average over the course of all three days. And then the next two players earned an invite to the Last Chace Qualifier for a second shot at TFT Worlds.

DQA was the favorite heading into day three with an average placement of 2.83, along with Guubums who had an average placement of 2.92. And Guubums started the final day at the NA Regional Finals with a first with a legendary Sivir carry board. After three games, Milk sat atop the leaderboard with three back-to-back second-place finishes.

Milk earned his first lobby victory (Draven carry with Zeri and Jhin secondary carriers) during game four and fourth top-four finish of the day to essentially guarantee him a spot at Worlds. Heading into game six, DQA was eighth in the overall standings but still had a chance to qualify via the average placement spot.

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DQA used the first tactical surrender in TFT esports history, preventing Guubums from falling out of the top three and ensuring he earned the average placement invite to Worlds. Here were the final standings at the NA Regional Finals.

TFT World invites

  • BG Milk
  • TL Goose
  • Guubums
  • DQA (Average placement invite)

Last Chance Qualifier invite

  • Ramblinnn
  • Inikoiniko