Robinsongz has TFT comeback of year at NA Regional Finals by surviving with 1 HP

Quick thinking, scouting, and fearlessness earn Robinsongz a lobby victory that will go down in TFT history as one of the best comebacks in the title.

Image via Riot Games

Team Liquid’s Robinsongz showcased his Teamfight Tactics skills during the first day of the Neon Nights North American Regional Finals, winning the game three lobby with one HP from Stage 3-6.

A total of 24 TFT players battled during the first day of competition at the NA Regional Finals last night for invites to the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship. With seats to Worlds on the line, players were willing to take risks and play to their full potential. Game one showcased SpicyAppies winning a lobby without losing a single life point, followed up by Robinsongz winning the game three lobby on one HP from Stage 3-6.

Despite knowing Chemtech was contested already, Robinsongz grabbed the Hextech Augment Instant Injection. He then rolled into Mercenary at Stage 2-1, keeping his board weak because Nostereleven was also on Mercs. Robinsongz lost massive amounts of HP early on and finally increased his board state by Stage 3-1 after losing against Nostereleven. 

Item Grab Bag was the second Augment choice, getting a Morellonomicon. At Stage 3-5, Robinsongz leveled to seven with a total of 19 HP, losing to SpencerTFT. The loss dropped him down to nine HP, and a Stage 3-6 loss to nhân tâm dropped Robinsongz down to one HP. Facing off against Milk at Stage 4-1, Robinsongz won the match and cashed out of Mercs. 

Still at one HP, but stable, Robinsongz leveled to eight at Stage 4-5. Running a Chemtech and Bruiser build with Challenger and Enforcer, the wins started tallying up, but he knew his board wasn’t strong enough to win the lobby. Ignoring that he could get eliminated during any match, Robinsongz kept shifting his board around until he found a Twitch in his shop at Stage 5-2, followed by a Viktor at Stage 5-3 to run a seven Chemtech comp. His third Hextech Augment choice was Cybernetic Shell III.

Wanting to replace Quinn with Silco, Robinsongz found the TFT Set 6.5 five-cost champion at Stage 5-5 and called his lobby victory at that point. Sliding into the top four of the lobby, he defeated Milk and ended up in a one-vs-one against SpencerTFT, who was playing Warwick re-roll. Robinsongz preceded to beat SpencerTFT twice, earning the lobby victory and claiming the best TFT comeback of 2022 at the NA Regional Finals. 

Fans can watch the full VOD of Robinsongz’s amazing victory at the TFT 6.5 NA Regional Finals on his Twitch channel.