TFT 6.5 Neon Nights EMEA Regional Finals: Standings, scores, and schedule

The best in Europe battled for slots at TFT Worlds.

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The best Teamfight Tactics players in Europe will battle for five invites to the Gizmos and Gadgets World Championship over the course of three days in the Neon Nights EMEA Regional Finals. 

Earning a seat at the EMEA Regional Finals greatly improved during Set Six, offering TFT players in Europe multiple opportunities for a chance to compete at Worlds. Showcasing a total of 32 players, only the top five are guaranteed to advance to the Gizmos and Gadgets World Championship.

Scheduled to run from March 25 to 27, the EMEA Regional Finals also contains a 20,000 euro total prize pool. Players who finish in sixth and seventh during the final day will be given a second chance at Worlds via the upcoming Last Chance Qualifier. 

The format for the Neon Nights EMEA Regional Finals consists of six games played each day. A total of 16 players will advance to the second day and only eight will battle it out for invites to TFT Worlds during the third day of competition. Points will be awarded per round, with the top players advancing to the next day. 

  • First: Eight points
  • Second: Seven points
  • Third: Six points
  • Fourth: Five points
  • Fifth: Four points
  • Sixth: Three points
  • Seventh: Two points
  • Eighth: One point

March 25, EMEA Regional Finals standings

Image via Riot Games and Rising Legends

A total of 32 TFT players were split into four lobbies at the start of the EMEA Regional Finals. Lobbies were reseeded every two games based on points earned from each round during that day. 

AKA Wonder playing Miss Fortune Sniper re-roll robbed Deisik of a lobby win during round one, with Deisik having over 60 HP heading into the 1v1 battle for first-place. Other lobby winners after game one were PasDeBol, Voltariux, and Swellertiger. Following three games played, Aki sat atop the leader board with 23 points. Close behind them were L3S Coco and KC Double61 at 20 points. 

Heading into the final game of day one, a handful of players were on the bubble for the top-16 cut. And several were essentially out with a total points score of 14 or less for the day. And several were essentially out with a total points score of 14 or less for the day. Notable names that missed the top-16 cut were Deisik, AKA Wonder, PasDeBol, Brank, and Un33D.

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Here are the top 16 TFT players advancing to the second day of the EMEA Regional Finals:

  • L3S coco: 40 points
  • KC Double61: 38 points
  • Fadder: 35 points
  • SLY Voltariux: 32 points
  • Aki: 32 points
  • ImSoFresh: 32 points
  • Stylet: 32 points
  • Szati: 32 points
  • ANO Lelouch: 31 points
  • TTV AL3XEM: 31 points
  • Ginggg: 31 points
  • PCS Xperion: 30 points
  • AGO Zbrojson: 29 points
  • Shircane: 29 points
  • Crescent: 29 points
  • Swellertiger: 29 points

March 26 EMEA Regional Finals standings

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A total of 16 TFT players competed during the second day of the EMEA Neon Nights Regional Finals, split into two lobbies.

L3S coco continued to dominate lobbies at the start of day two, along with KC Double61, Zbrojson, and Szati. Heading into the last two games of the day, Fadder and PCS Xperion weren’t looking like they had a chance to advance onto day three. Voltariux and ImSoFresh moved up the points standings after game four. And Un33d, who replaced Shircane for day two, was sitting on the bubble after two first-place finishes and a second-place performance in game four.

Ginggg started day two with three seventh-place finishes, but wrapped the day with two firsts and one second, advancing to day three. Szati also ended the day on a high note, with two back-to-back firsts. A tie-breaker was decided amongst four players who finished the day with 28 points: ImSoFresh, SwellerTiger, Voltariux, and AL3XEM.

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Here were the top eight TFT players advancing to the final day of the EMEA Regional Finals:

  • Szalti: 36 points
  • L3Soco: 33 points
  • Zbrojson: 32 points
  • Lelouch: 32 points
  • KC Double61: 31 points
  • Ginggg: 29 points
  • Un33d: 29 points
  • Voltariux: 28 points (tie-breaker winner)

March 27 EMEA Regional Finals standings

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A total of eight players competed for five direct invites to the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship. Two players also had the opportunity to qualify for the Last Chance Qualifier.

Day three kicked off with the lobby favoring AP comps, resulting in Voltariux winning the lobby with an Irelia Scrap build. Lelouch had a rough start, taking eighth in game one, followed by a second eighth during game two. KC Double61 and Un33d had consistent top four starts, sitting in the top four of the leaderboard after two games, tied with Ginggg after their game two lobby win at 11 points.

Double61 and Voltariux continued playing consistently throughout day three while Szati got a much-needed lobby win in game four. A lobby win in game five guaranteed Double61 an invite to Worlds, giving the French player an opportunity to win their second TFT World Championship title.

Szati was in a solid position to earn a direct invite to TFT Worlds heading into game six but ended up finishing in eighth, earning him and Ginggg an invite to the Last Chance Qualifier instead. Double61 ended the day with another first-place finish, winning the EMEA Regional Finals title.

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Here were the top five TFT EMEA players advancing to the Gizmos & Gadgets World Championship:

  • KC Double61
  • Voltariux
  • L3S Coco
  • Un33d
  • Zbrojson