Overwatch League All-Stars skins available once again

Six classic favorites have emerged from the vault.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch League may not be putting on its usual All-Stars events in 2021, but the league is making up for that by offering fans the chance to acquire previously limited-time skins from the “vault.” 

Six skins from previous All-Stars events will be available from Sept. 7 to 26. Each event, which took place every year from 2018 to 2020, included two specially-designed skins based around an elemental or environmental theme. Before this “vault” was reopened, skins were only available during that event’s duration.   

The original All-Stars event in 2018 revolved around the theme of fire and water. Pacific Genji was decked out in volcanic red with lava highlights while Atlantic Tracer sported an underwater look complete with flowing blue hair. 

Atlantic Mercy from 2019 still reigns as one of the most popular skins with fans—and for good reason. The “sun and moon” theme of that year’s All-Stars event gave the support a purple-toned lunar look, complete with a shining crown. Pacific Lúcio, still rocking a green outfit but with solar details, is also a crowd-pleaser. 

Tank mains everywhere rejoiced during the 2020 All-Stars event, finally getting elemental skins for their heroes. Gaia Reinhardt represented the idea of Earth. The stalwart tank looked like an ancient tree god, full of branches and woodgrain. Celestial D.Va, in contrast, took to the skies with winged details on her mech and a cloud-colored outfit. 

These six skins will be available to unlock from Sept. 7 to 26 to celebrate the Overwatch League playoffs and Grand Finals. Much like the previous vault-opening event, in which championship and MVP skins were available for a limited time, each skin will cost 200 Overwatch League tokens. Tokens can be earned by watching live matches or they can be purchased: 100 tokens cost $5, making each skin approximately $10. 

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