How to earn Overwatch League tokens in 2021

Thanks to YouTube's reward functionality, earning tokens has never been easier.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The process of earning Overwatch League tokens has been streamlined and upgraded ahead of the 2021 season’s April 16 kickoff.   

During the 2020 season, fans had to take a few extra steps to earn tokens, like watching only on the Overwatch League website or mobile app. YouTube had not yet perfected the drop system. But luckily, 2021 is a different story. 

Overwatch League tokens, which can be used to purchase team skins and exclusive cosmetics in the game, can now be earned while watching games on YouTube. In just a few easy steps, you can set up your account to rake in those tokens once the season starts.  

Connect your account to YouTube 

Much like last year’s process on the Overwatch League website, your account must be linked to a viewing platform for you to earn tokens.

PC players already have an active account, used to launch Overwatch. But console players will first have to connect their accounts to before they can earn rewards.  

On YouTube, go to “Settings” and then navigate to “Connected Apps” on the left-hand side or use our shortcut link. Under connected apps, find the link and hit “Connect.” Sign in with your account and you’ll be all set to collect Overwatch League tokens. 

Screengrab via YouTube

When the Overwatch League is live, look under the broadcast window. There should be a diamond logo that says “Connected” if your account has been correctly linked. That means you’re earning tokens.

Watch live matches and “Encore” games 

If all of the above steps are complete, you can begin earning tokens by watching live games when they begin on April 16. For every hour of viewing, you earn five Overwatch League tokens.

The site keeps track of continuous viewing, even with breaks. For example, if you watch 45 minutes of an early East region game, that watch time counts toward a full hour if you tune back in during West games later in the day. 

Tokens can only be earned during live games. Views of Overwatch League VODs will not count. 

In 2021, however, the league will air “Encore” games that will also count for token rewards. Encore games will be replays of East region games, which often take place in the middle of the night for North American viewers. These games will be aired before West region games so fans can catch up.

The full schedule of Encore games can also be found on the Overwatch League website.  

Overwatch League tokens can be used within Overwatch to purchase team skins for heroes. Each team skin costs 100 tokens and comes with both the home and away version of that skin. Exclusive skins, such as Kim “Fleta” Byung-sul’s MVP Echo skin, will also cost Overwatch League tokens.