Overwatch League 2020 All-Stars Skins revealed

D.Va and Reinhardt get this year's exclusive skins.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Tank heroes are finally getting some All-Star love. Every year for the Overwatch League’s All-Star games, two heroes receive exclusive skins to match the league’s respective teams. This year, tanks D.Va and Reinhardt are getting the star treatment.

The skins were revealed during the Sept. 13 Overwatch League broadcast. D.Va’s new skin, representing the Asia region, gives the pilot silver hair and a blue bodysuit. Her mech is decked out in similar colors, accented with neon blue and gold details.

Reinhardt’s new skin feels a bit more organic as his usual chrome getup has been replaced with wood and copper armor. Since he’s representing North America this year, the green details of this skin match the color scheme for the region. The skin appears to have a plant-based theme, which may be a hint for the future All-Stars jerseys.

In a year that has overwhelmingly featured tanks as a cornerstone of every single competitive meta, it almost feels right that they get this year’s All-Stars skin treatment. 

Mercy and Lucio received skins for the 2019 All-Stars event. These skins reflected the gold and deep blue of the Pacific and Atlantic teams, respectively. For the first year of the All-Stars event, Tracer and Genji rocked fiery skins. 

The Overwatch League All-Stars event will technically be two different events that take place over two weekends. On Sept. 26, players chosen from the Asia region will battle it out in their All-Stars event. North America’s All-Stars event begins on Oct. 3. Players were selected for All-Stars participation through a fan voting system.