Space Style Eldegoss, 2 other Holowear options added to Pokémon UNITE

They're under 500 Aeos Gems.

Image via the Pokémon Company

Pokémon UNITE has added its latest Holowear to the gam, and it’s a new look for everyone’s favorite Support Pokémon Eldegoss.

With the Pokémon UNITE update, update earlier today, Space Style Eldegoss has joined the game, giving fans a new look for players to try out during their games. This skin will set players back 400 Aeos gems and is the fourth look for Eldegoss available in the game.

Also included in this latest update were two other Holowear upgrades. For Charizard and Wigglytuff, Bonfire Style outfits are now available to purchase for 350 gems. In the store, players can purchase the event exclusive Costume Party Style Lucario skin for 2,499 gems. This will only be available for another two weeks.

There seems to be one more Holowear item coming to Pokémon UNITE during its Halloween festivities, and that is the Wigglytuff Pajama Style skin. It is not available yet but it is likely that over the coming weeks we’ll see it added to the game.