PUBG Mobile devs banned nearly one million hackers last week

Hackers are getting the ban pan.

Image via Tencent

Tencent released its anti-cheating report for Jan. 15 to 21 today. The company revealed it banned 988,533 accounts in just one week for using hacks in PUBG Mobile

The most commonly used cheat type was an auto-aim hack and accounted for 28 percent of all banned accounts. Roughly 21 percent of hackers were modifying the area damage, 18 percent were using X-ray vision, 14 percent were using speed hacks, and 11 percent were modifying the character model. Eight percent of the hackers were banned for “other” reasons, Tencent revealed in its report. 

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As expected, most of the hackers were in the Bronze rank. Here is an exact breakdown of the ranks the banned accounts were in: 

  • Bronze: 38 percent
  • Silver: 12 percent
  • Gold: 10 percent
  • Platinum: 10 percent
  • Diamond: 12 percent
  • Crown: 10 percent
  • Ace: Seven percent
  • Conqueror: One percent

Tencent releases an anti-cheating report every week to inform players that action is being taken against the hackers. Last week, the company said in its report that 1,217,342 accounts were banned for cheating. 

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