When will PUBG Mobile season 17 end?

Runic Power will go on for about two months.

Screengrab via Tencent

PUBG Mobile’s 17th season is currently underway. It began on Jan. 19 and will last for about two months.

The season is called Runic Power and introduced patch 1.2 to the game. The patch brought the Runic Power mode on the Erangel map. In this mode, players are given different runes that empower them with special perks and abilities.

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A new weapon has also arrived in the game with season 17. This is the Famas rifle, which is exclusive to the Livik map. It dominates at close-range gunfights making it a good choice for the small map.

When will PUBG Mobile season 17 end?

According to the patch 1.2 notes, PUBG Mobile’s 17th season will end on March 21.

Players have until this date to advance all 100 tiers of the RP 17 to unlock the Guardian Armor Set. At tier 60, players will get the Resplendent Dawn or the Deadly Sickle.

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Until then, players can enjoy the Runic Power mode. Also coming later this season is the Power Armor Mode. This Evoground mode will be available from Feb. 5. Players will have to fight for the three Power Armor sets on the Livik map in this mode. Assembling all three sets will give players the Dragon’s Breath Grenade.