Free Fire Continental Series 2020 viewership updated due to YouTube error

The FFCS Asia event broke the battle royale’s peak viewer record.

Image via Garena

The viewership numbers for the Free Fire Continental Series (FFCS) 2020 were recently updated by Esports Charts—and it turns out even more people tuned into the event than previously thought.

The FFCS 2020 finals happened simultaneously on Nov. 28 and 29 in three regions: Americas, Asia, and EMEA. The online competition was organized by Garena to replace the Free Fire World Series 2020, which was supposed to happen in Brazil but was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The FFCS 2020 was expected to gather impressive viewership since the game had already broken a global esports record with two million peak viewers during the Free Fire World Series 2019. Right after the end of the FFCS 2020, Esports Charts released the peak viewership numbers for the three regions: Asia with 1.58 million, Americas with 1.29 million, and EMEA with 274,015 viewers

But then, Garena noticed the numbers could be wrong. After checking with YouTube, an error in viewership counting was detected and the numbers were updated. The new numbers released by Esports Charts are even more impressive. FFCS Asia hit a peak of 2.5 million, FFCS America reached 1.7 million, and FFCS EMEA had almost 300,000 simultaneous viewers. 

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The FFCS 2020, which had a prize pool of $300,000 per region, was the second most-viewed online competition on YouTube this year, according to Garena.