New World Armoring guide: tips and tricks

A man who puts on his armor becomes a target.

Image via Amazon Games

New World, Amazon Games’ new MMO, takes place in the tough, brutal continent of Aeternum. To survive, you’ll need to outfit yourself with the best possible gear available, and you can craft much of the armor on your own with the Armoring skill.

Like any other crafting trade skill in New World, you’ll have to keep up with all the appropriate gathering skills to have the resources available to craft armor, unless you’re willing to pay up at the local Trading Post. With this guide, we’ll keep you informed on how to level up your Armoring skill—including what resources to keep track of, what items to craft early, and other necessary tips and tricks.

Resources/other trade skills to focus on

The three primary resources needed for any armor are cloth, leather, and metal. So naturally, you’ll have to keep up with Harvesting, Mining, and Tracking & Skinning.

With Harvesting, you’ll want to focus exclusively on acquiring Fibers from hemp plants, which you can find abundantly in Grassland regions and occasionally in Forest regions. The grasslands of Windsward are an excellent place for you to grab Fibers early on. For Mining, you’ll want iron and silver early on, which you can find all around Highlands areas on your map. Any medium or large animal can be skinned for rawhide.

What should I craft?

Before you refine any of these resources into cloth, ingots, or leather, make sure you check your town board. You will frequently find tasks that give you a work order to take to the forge, which lets you create a cache of armor to give the town that rewards you experience and a ton of Armoring skill points. But these items require raw materials instead of refined ones, so check to see if you can do those first.

If you don’t have town board crafting requests, then you can craft the rest of your rawhide into leather, your metals into ingots, and your fibers into cloth.

Whichever of these refined resources you have the most of should reflect which kind of armor you want to craft if you’re exclusively looking to improve your Armoring skill as much as possible. If you have more cloth than anything else, focus on Cloth armor. If you have a lot of leather, craft Leather armor. And if your inventory is full of iron, craft some iron armor at the forge. You can instantly salvage crafted armor pieces as well, refunding some materials.

If you’re looking to get some coin out of your leveling, you can increase the value of your pieces of armor by adding crafting modifiers or infused Azoth to increase its attributes and perks. But if you’re only trying to boost your Armoring skill, then hold onto those for another time.