Where to find Hemp plants in New World

Hemp plants are extremely valuable in New World.

Image via Amazon Games

Amazon’s new MMORPG, New World, entered its open beta testing period earlier today. And with every profession in the game available to test, players are scrambling throughout Aeternum to find raw resources. Of all those raw resources, there are none that are quite as valuable as Hemp plants. 

Hemp plants are most commonly found in the grasslands and forest areas of Aeternum. Once you find yourself in one of those regions, you’ll be able to recognize a Hemp plant by a wide, violet-colored cap and long, green stem. 

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If you’re unable to locate raw Hemp plants while exploring Aeternum, you can always press the map button (M) to see which resources are readily available around you. 

To harvest a Hemp plant and add it into your inventory, press the interact key (E) to add however many pieces of Fiber were on the plant. Once the Fiber is in your inventory, you can use it for a number of different crafting recipes.

Most notably, Fiber is a main resource used to create Linen. In turn, Linen can be used to create goods such as bags and light armor, the latter of which can be strong in the early stages of the leveling process. 

The New World open beta is available to play now through Sept. 13. The full release of New World will launch two weeks later on Sept. 28.