When does the New World open beta end?

The New World open beta will be live for the next four days.

Image via Amazon Games

The open beta for Amazon Games’ newest MMORPG, New World, is now live. The beta is set to last from Sept. 9 at 9am CT until Sept. 13 at 1:59am CT. 

Originally, New World was meant to be released in full by now, but several delays in publishing caused Amazon to push the general release date for the game back to Sept. 28. Many New World players were dissatisfied with the game during its closed beta phase last month, and as a result, Amazon thought it’d be best to initiate a more widespread testing period to work out all of the game’s kinks before its official release later this month. 

When will the New World beta close?

New World players will have nearly four full days to explore Aeternum and play through the game in one last testing period before New World’s official launch. On Sept. 13 at 1:59am CT, the servers will shut down and players’ progress will be wiped. Any progress you make during the open beta testing period with your characters will not be rolled over into the main release of the game. 

During the open beta, nearly the entirety of New World’s leveling content will be available to play through. If you want to, you could level all the way up to 60, but that task will be incredibly difficult to pull off in just four days. 

The New World open beta client is available to download now via the game’s official Steam page