When does the PlayStation VR2 release?

Speaking of the metaverse...

PlayStation VR 2
Screengrab via Sony

Back in 2020, Sony stepped into the next generation with the PlayStation 5. Its powerful new console continues to enable developers to experiment with more intensive graphical features and lets gamers enjoy their favorite titles in stunning resolutions with better framerates. The PS5 continues to attract developers and players alike with its strong lineup of both first and third-party titles.

On the other hand, the PlayStation VR, Sony’s entrance into the virtual reality space, was left in the previous generation, meaning the PS5 didn’t have a VR component—until now. Sony unveiled PlayStation VR2 at CES 2022 and recently shared additional information concerning its release date, letting eager gamers know when they can get their hands on more PlayStation-branded VR experiences.

So, when exactly will the PlayStation VR2 be released?

PlayStation VR2 release date details

In a blog post shared on Nov. 2, Sony revealed that the PlayStation VR2 will launch on Feb. 22, 2023. While this is later than the holiday release date expected by many fans, those who want to secure their headset early can pre-order the system starting on Nov. 15 through the official PlayStation store. Players will need to live in the U.S., the U.K., France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, or Luxembourg.

The PlayStation VR2 doesn’t come cheap: it will cost $549.99, with a bundle set that includes Horizon: Call of the Mountain selling for $599.99. There’s also a separate controller charging station that sells for $49.99. If you just want to buy Call of the Mountain by itself, pre-orders for software will also start during November.

If you want to try to snag a pre-order for release week shipping, you can register for pre-orders today on the official PlayStation website. Sony will be selecting certain players who sign up to receive pre-order access to the PlayStation VR2.