Is Steam down? Here’s how to check Steam’s server status

The biggest gaming hub might be experiencing problems.

Image via Valve

If you’ve been experiencing problems with using certain features or connecting to Steam, you’re not alone. Like many other online services, Valve’s massive platform occasionally experiences outages, server problems, and surges in traffic. These problems can impact user experience on the platform for everything from players trying to play their games or purchase new products. 

The platform sometimes has issues during its famous Steam sales, which generate a massive amount of user traffic as players try to get their hands on the latest games. Another recent example is the widespread report of user issues and errors that popped up as soon as the reservation period for Valve’s new handheld system, the Steam Deck, started. Just minutes after the pre-orders went live, Steam users were met with long waiting times, error messages, and endless loading screens while attempting to place their orders. 

You can check the Steam community hub, SteamDB, for specific status information, including how many users are online, how different areas of the platform are performing, and more. SteamDB is an unofficial service that keeps an eye on how Steam is performing for users around the world. Down Detector is also a useful, if more general, resource for seeing if the problem is on your end or Valve’s.

As most of Steam’s problems are on Valve’s end rather than users’, there usually isn’t much you can do besides waiting for traffic to slow down or for the servers to come back up. In the meantime, you can always try restarting Steam to see if it fixes the problem.