The best gaming VPNs of 2022

A VPN can be a useful tool for accessing region-locked content.

Photo via Soumil Kumar

A VPN is an incredibly useful tool that can increase a user’s network privacy and enable a variety of content that might not be accessible in their location. Made popular due to their ability to access region-blocked TV and film, VPNs have become increasingly more common over the past few years.

TV and film aren’t the only entertainment that can benefit from using a VPN, though. Enabling this tool can open up a range of previously unplayable content for gaming. A VPN will allow access to games that are only available in specific regions. On top of this, connecting to a closer location near a game’s server can, in some situations, cut down the user’s ping and grant them a more stable connection. But this is not the case for every game.

With games studios releasing region-locked betas or limited releases more often, having a VPN is becoming a much more integral part of gaining access to the latest games.

There are many VPN services to choose from with a variety of features, making them better than others.

Here are some of the best VPNs for gaming.

Best speed

Express VPN

Boasting some of the fastest connection speeds between all services, Express VPN is one of the industry leaders in VPN technology. The service is perfect for users with a variety of devices since it offers a range of guided setup options from enabling VPN-dedicated routers all the way to applications for your PC or iPhone. This ease of setup makes Express VPN perfect for gamers on PC or console alike being able to take advantage of the application features with ease. For just $12.95, this is the perfect choice for gamers who are concerned about connection speed while using a VPN.

Best security

Nord VPN

With many of the same features as Express VPN, Nord offer a high-quality service that can produce high-speed connections while providing added security against connection issues such as DDoS attacks. Offering much of the same device setup options (minus the router connectivity) NordVPN comes in at $11.95 per month—just slightly cheaper than Express VPN while offering another quality alternative.

Best price


The main difference between SurfShark and the other providers on our list is that SurfShark allows the user to connect as many devices as they choose to its service through its range of connection options. While this can be achieved on the other services by using a dedicated router, with SurfShark the user can install the application natively on as many devices they choose. If the user intends on sharing this service between a variety of devices then SurfShark is likely the best option.

Signing up for Surfshark month by month will cost $12.95. But those who purchase a year’s subscription will pay as little as $2.49 a month for the service.

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