Immortal Spawn: "[Trick Strat is] expandable to several other games, not just shooters"

Trick Strat developer Rob "Immortal Spawn" Ambrose talks about his app and its future.

Zachery Chevere  -  21 days ago

Gears of War 4 is getting new maps and a Halloween event

Fuel Depot is making its return.
Adam Newell - a month agoGears

Season 2 of the Gears Pro Circuit will feature a $2 million prize pool

The second season's prize pool has been doubled.
Justin Binkowski - a month agoGears

Gears Pro Circuit Mexico City Open postponed due to natural disasters

Hurricanes and earthquakes have led to the event being pushed back until early 2018.
Justin Binkowski - 2 months agoGears

Trifecta embarks on its Gears esports journey

The sixth-seeded pro team finds a new home under Trifecta.
Zachery Chevere - 2 months agoGears

Red Reserve enters Gears esports

One of Gears esports most-talented rosters found a home.
Jovon White - 3 months agoGears

Glory dominate the CMG Offseason Open

Gears esports dream team make short work of the competition en route to victory.
Jovon White - 3 months agoGears

ERa Eternity acquires a European Gears roster

A new organization has joined Gears esports.
Justin Binkowski - 3 months agoGears

ShocK to sub for OpTic Gaming

This former Team Allegiance player is set to represent the Green Wall.
Jovon White - 4 months agoGears