Glory dominate the CMG Offseason Open

Gears esports dream team make short work of the competition en route to victory.

Jovon White  -  12 days ago

ERa Eternity acquires a European Gears roster

A new organization has joined Gears esports.
Justin Binkowski - 16 days agoGears

ShocK to sub for OpTic Gaming

This former Team Allegiance player is set to represent the Green Wall.
Jovon White - a month agoGears

EUnited introduces its new Gears of War lineup

A familiar face has returned to the organization’s Gears team.
Justin Binkowski - a month agoGears

Splyce's former Gears coach: "I think this roster is stronger than the past season"

Yet another esports organization backs out of Gears esports.
Jovon White - a month agoGears

Gears Esports plans to host North American and European grassroots tournaments

Gears of War is returning to its grassroot beginnings.
Jovon White - a month agoGears

Latin America's best Gears player could be headed to the United States

In the wake of recent suspensions, Ghost Gaming look to acquire Mexico’s finest.
Jovon White - 2 months agoGears

Gears Esports hands out suspensions for the second season of the Gears Pro Circuit

Three players have been penalized for actions during Season One.
Justin Binkowski - 2 months agoGears

Ghost Gaming release Drix and Keem

The organization made some bold changes in preparation for the upcoming season.
Jovon White - 2 months agoGears

Epsilon parts ways with its Gears roster

The European esports organization no longer has a Gears lineup.
Jovon White - 2 months agoGears

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