Gears Esports plans to host North American and European grassroots tournaments

Gears of War is returning to its grassroot beginnings.

Photo via Joe Brady

Gears of War Esports has officially introduced two summer grassroots tournaments held in both North America and Europe. The tournaments will be hosted by Casual Misfits Gaming and Multiplay respectively.

The CMG Offseason Open, hosted by Casual Misfits Gaming, will run from Aug. 5 to 6 at the Casual Misfits Gaming Studio in Corona, California and will host 16 teams as they compete for $5,000.

The Know Your Roots EU Open hosted by Multiplay will run from Aug. 19 to 20 at the ALT Video Game Lounge located in Nottingham, England, where they will host a maximum of 24 teams to battle for £4,000.

These will be the first high-profile Gears grassroot open LAN events since Hypefestation 4 in 2015. Grassroots LAN events played a pivotal role in maintaining the Gears competitive scene throughout Gears of War 3. After Gears of War 2 was dropped from the MLG Pro Circuit, tournament organizers like Hypefestation took up the mantle to provide competitors a space to compete through to Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, where The Coalition and ESL partnered to form the ESL Pro League for Gears esports.

Aside from money, squads will also be competing for pro points, which is the system used by Gears Esports to rank teams. A complete breakdown of the pro points awarded at both tournaments is available below.

  • First: 5,000 pro points
  • Second: 3,000 pro points
  • Third: 2,200 pro points
  • Fourth: 1,800 pro points
  • Fifth/Sixth: 1,600 pro points
  • Seventh/Eighth: 1,400 pro points
  • Ninth-12th: 1,100 pro points
  • 13th-16th: 900 pro points
  • 17th-24th: 600 pro points

These events will serve as a place for upcoming players to test themselves with a number of professional teams planning to attend within their specific region, and with Gears Esports accepting applications for casters and observers, there are opportunities for new desk talent to make their mark.