Gears of War teams sanctioned for ‘account recovering’

Don't account share, kids.

Image via Microsoft

Three Gears of War teams will face sanctions for account recovering, according to a public ruling from the Gears esports team.

Account recovering specifically refers to a rule that prohibits players playing on other players’ accounts. All of the punishments outlined by the ruling bar the players accused from playing out the rest of the split, as well as the Spring Major.

The scandal involves many coaches and players, but the participants from Oxygen Esports and Aqui Vamos De Nuevo are specifically highlighted.

Aqui Vamos De Nuevo, a Challenger League team, allowed professional player Carlos “Addvers” Enrique Padilla Navarro to play on several of their accounts. As for Oxygen, they allowed Noble Esports coach “MikeTheWoat” and “Lux Clutchz” to play on several of their accounts.

As such, everyone involved will be banned for the remainder of Split Two and the Spring Major. Oxygen Esports will also forfeit their win bonuses from Split Two, Phase One.

The Spring Major is set to take place over four days (May 14 to May 16) and will have open qualifiers starting May 9. The May 14 portion will feature a double elimination bracket with 24 teams, and will have a prize pool of $140,000. $60,000 will go to the winner of the Spring Major.