VCT Masters Copenhagen: VALORANT scores, schedule, brackets, and results

Keep up as the best VALORANT teams make history.

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Twelve teams are set to collide at one of the final major stops of the 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour, with the best Stage Two teams from each region meeting at VCT Masters Copenhagen. Another international VALORANT LAN trophy is on the line, but this one feels much more important.

For one, it is the first international VALORANT tournament to host a live crowd, with fans set to cheer on the players during the semifinals and grand final at the Forum Copenhagen. Secondly, teams like Fnatic, FPX, Guild, Leviatán, and KRÜ are looking to lock in VCT Champions 2022 placements and avoid the Last Chance Qualifiers altogether.

Masters Copenhagen will follow the same format as Masters Reykjavík: the top four higher seeds from the “stronger” regions are seeded directly into the playoffs, while the remaining eight teams are split up into two groups. GSL-style group play will produce four teams from the group stage to advance to the playoffs. The playoffs will be a double-elimination bracket, with the lower final and the grand final being a best-of-five.

Participating teams at VCT Masters Copenhagen

Here are the 12 teams that will compete at VCT Masters Copenhagen, along with the complete player rosters and coaching staff for each one.

  • EMEA: Fnatic, FPX, Guild
  • NA: XSET, OpTic
  • APAC: Paper Rex, XERXIA
  • Korea: DRX
  • Japan: Northeption
  • Brazil: LOUD
  • Latin America: Leviatán
  • Winner of LATAM vs. Brazil Playoff: KRÜ (LATAM)


Here are the groups for VCT Masters Copenhagen:

  • Group A: OpTic, Guild, LOUD, Leviatán, KRÜ
  • Group B: DRX, FPX, Northeption, XERXIA
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Here are the standings for the VCT Masters Copenhagen group stage.

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The top two teams from each group will advance to the playoffs.

Playoff bracket

Here’s the full bracket for playoffs at Masters Copenhagen.

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All matches are best of three, except for the lower final and the grand final, which will be best of five.

Schedule and scores

The group stage will run from Sunday, July 10 until Wednesday, July 13. The playoffs begin on Thursday, July 14. After three days off between July 19 to 21, the playoffs will resume on July 22.

All times listed are in CT and subject to change or delays.

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July 10

July 11

  • 10am: FPX 2-1 XERXIA (FPX 14-12 on Bind, XERXIA 13-9 on Ascent, FPX 13-10 Haven)
  • 1pm: Guild 2-1 KRÜ (KRÜ 14-12 on Bind, Guild 13-6 on Fracture, Guild 16-14 on Icebox)
    • Guild has qualified for playoffs

July 12

  • 8am: DRX 2-1 FPX (FPX 13-8 on Haven, DRX 13-6 on Fracture, DRX 13-6 on Breeze)
    • DRX has qualified for playoffs
  • 11am: Northeption 2-1 XERXIA (XERXIA 13-9 on Split, Northeption 13-8 on Haven, Northeption 15-13 on Bind)
    • XERXIA is eliminated
  • 2pm: OpTic 2-1 LOUD (LOUD 13-8 on Ascent, OpTic 13-8 on Fracture, OpTic 14-12 on Split)
    • LOUD is eliminated

July 13

  • 10am: FPX 2-0 Northeption (FPX 13-9 on Fracture, FPX 13-9 on Ascent)
    • FPX has qualified for playoffs, Northeption is eliminated
  • 1pm: OpTic 2-0 KRÜ (OpTic 13-7 on Split, OpTic 13-6 on Haven)
    • OpTic has qualified for playoffs, KRÜ is eliminated

July 14

July 15

July 16

  • 10am: FPX 2-1 Guild (FPX 13-11 on Ascent, Guild 13-3 on Breeze, FPX 13-4 on Bind)
    • Guild is eliminated. FPX and Fnatic qualify for Champions.
  • 1pm: Leviatán 2-1 XSET (XSET 13-9 on Split, Leviatán 15-13 on Ascent, Leviatán 16-14 on Haven)
    • XSET is eliminated. Leviatán qualifies for Champions.

July 17

July 18

  • 10am: Fnatic 2-1 Leviatán (Fnatic 14-12 on Fracture, Leviatán 13-10 on Ascent, Fnatic 17-15 on Bind)
    • Leviatán is eliminated.
  • 1pm: FPX 2-0 DRX (FPX 13-9 on Ascent, FPX 13-5 on Fracture)
    • DRX is eliminated.

July 22

  • 10am: Paper Rex 2-1 OpTic (Paper Rex 13-3 on Haven, OpTic 13-9 on Bind, Paper Rex 13-5 on Fracture)
  • 1pm: FPX 2-1 Fnatic (Fnatic 15-13 on Split, FPX 13-7 on Bind, FPX 13-5 on Fracture)
    • Fnatic is eliminated.

July 23

  • 10am: FPX 3-1 OpTic (FPX 13-6 on Split, FPX 13-8 on Icebox, OpTic 13-6 on Bind, FPX 13-7 on Fracture)
    • OpTic is eliminated.

July 24

  • 10am: FPX 3-2 Paper Rex (FPX 13-3 on Bind, Paper Rex 13-7 on Icebox, FPX 13-7 on Fracture, Paper Rex 13-7 on Haven, FPX 13-9 on Breeze)
    • FPX win VCT Masters Copenhagen. Paper Rex is eliminated.