Paper Rex book tickets to VCT Masters Copenhagen grand final after dismantling OpTic

The APAC team showed up against the defending champions.

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

VCT Masters Copenhagen resumed today with the upper bracket final between NA’s OpTic and APAC’s Paper Rex. This match marked an important moment in VALORANT history as the first international VCT match with a live crowd. After the three-day VCT break, Paper Rex came out swinging and took down OpTic.

OpTic came into Masters Copenhagen with a clear objective, hoping to be the first team in VCT history to win back-to-back international events. In a scene that has continued to develop more globally with each tournament, winning back-to-back championships is an enticing and prestigious achievement.

Unfortunately for OpTic, Paper Rex got the better of them today and became the first team to secure a spot in the grand final with their 2-1 victory. The team has been in dominant form throughout the tournament and showed they have what it takes to cement themselves in VCT history.

Paper Rex took the first map of Haven with their signature attack-oriented playstyle that has caused teams to fumble so far in Masters. The Chamber duel between yay and f0rsakeN was exhilarating and close. Both players were the stars for their teams and ended with similar KDAs and combat scores.

OpTic lost Haven 13-3, the worst score they have ever lost by on an international level. 

Moving into Bind, a map Paper Rex hadn’t lost on in the last eight times they played it, things looked scary for OpTic, but they gave Paper Rex a taste of their own playstyle. They ended the half up 9-3 and went on to take Bind 13-9.

The teams moved to Fracture, another map where Paper Rex have excelled in Masters so far. The analyst desk hyped up a match between f0rsakeN and Victor, who both locked in Neon. This matchup had the potential to set a fast pace and cause chaos around the tight corners of the map. Paper Rex initiated with this expected speed on Fracture, and the first few rounds were over in the blink of an eye. The pace continued with both teams pushing each other, and much like each round that swung back and forth, so did the scoreline. 

While playing their defensive side, Paper Rex slowed down their tempo to play more tactical positions. Benkai continued dominating on Breach with his flashes and stuns to secure his team a 9-3 half.

The Singaporean team took Fracture 13-5 and the match 2-1. Though Paper Rex has shown their confidence before in VCT Masters earlier this year, many fans considered them still just a team from a minor region, with certain players that might be able to make a difference. But this time, everything has come together for the team.

Paper Rex will now move to the VCT Masters Copenhagen grand finals, where they will get a massive advantage with two map bans. OpTic will go into the lower bracket finals on July 23 at 10am CT, where they will face the winner of FPX vs. Fnatic.