VALORANT crosshair color codes: Here are the ‘optimal’ VALORANT crosshair colors for every map

Computer science has the answer.

Omen (back) and Viper (front) aim their weapons preparing to fire on Icebox in VALORANT.
Screenshot by Dot Esports

Choosing the perfect crosshair is no easy task in VALORANT. From the crosshair’s shape, size, and even color, a lot of what makes a VALORANT crosshair work is up to personal preference—and there’s a lot of options to choose from

When manual experimentation isn’t enough, computer science can help. That’s what Reddit user “useewhynot” has attempted to do by running Python scripts on every VALORANT map to find the perfect color to contrast with the environment.

The VALORANT menus can be hard to navigate, and that’s why we’ve created the perfect guide to get these crosshairs onto your screen as soon as possible, and easily.

The best VALORANT crosshair colors

A player aims their gun and fires alongside their teammate, Sage, on the Japanese-themed Haven in VALORANT.
Your crosshair is an extension of your aim. Image via Riot Games

Every map in VALORANT has not only a unique layout and gimmicks but also its own atmosphere. From the dark cavernous rooms on Lotus to the pure white snow on Icebox, you may find that sometimes your crosshair color blends in too much with your surroundings.

You always want to make sure you can see your crosshair clearly in contrast to anything else around you, because you never know when you’ll have to go for a sudden flick to an enemy sneaking up behind you. Having an easily identifiable crosshair color will help your shots to land every time.

“Instead of playing the game and finding my preferences like a normal person, I recorded myself in customs looking at every angle I could think of on every map (except Split) and wrote a Python script to look through that video [to] find the best crosshair color for me,” they explained on the original Reddit thread.

Here are the best colors for most of VALORANT‘s map, including the best one to use in general:

Map NameColor CodeColor

These colors seem to make the most sense since the maps with blue highlights have been assigned to other colors—such as Icebox with green and Pearl with red. But in general, cyan or a variant of blue appears to be the best for most situations you’ll encounter in VALORANT.

This trend is also verified in competitive play, with most professional players choosing lighter colors for their crosshairs, particularly cyan and green.

Nevertheless, you’re free to use whatever crosshair color speaks to you, and VALORANT’s incredible crosshair customization tools allow you to truly make it any color you want. Below is a collection of various colors you could try out in your next Deathmatch.

What are all the colors for crosshairs in VALORANT?

ColorColor code

These are the most popular crosshair color choices, but in all honesty, we wouldn’t recommend these. The colors shown here simply aren’t bright enough to catch your attention, especially with all of the game’s brightly-colored utility creating chaos around you.

Red, orange, and pink VALORANT crosshair color codes

ColorColor code

A red or pink crosshair can be really fun, and is also useful on several of VALORANT’s maps that have darker, more earthy tones. The best choices are the bright, bold colors that stand out. Personally, we love #FF1493.

Green VALORANT crosshair color codes

ColorColor code

Green is a fantastic crosshair color choice. As we can see from the data, bright green or blue are the optimal colors for most maps in the game. Since there are some maps with earthy surroundings that feature grass, trees, and other plants, we would suggest going for a more blue-toned or neon green, like the ones at the top of this list.

Yellow VALORANT crosshair color codes

ColorColor code

Yellow can also be a solid crosshair option, though you may want to consider what color your enemy highlight color is. You don’t want your enemy highlight color to be the same color as your crosshair, or you risk being able to identify where on your target’s body your shot is actually hitting. So if you’re in the camp of people that use yellow enemy outlines, stear clear of any of these colors.

Blue and purple VALORANT crosshair color codes

ColorColor code

Blue are purple are solid choices, but again just make sure you’re going for a more vibrant color.

White, gray, and black VALORANT crosshair color codes

ColorColor code

Black is typically used on the outline of your crosshair to solidify the edges of the lines against a chaotic background. Black is a great choice for your crosshair outline for this reason, but we wouldn’t recommend using black as your color for your entire crosshair.

White can be a viable crosshair color option if you prefer not to have a crazy neon color in the middle of your screen. Just be wary that it could make getting used to aiming difficult at first, so we wouldn’t recommend white for new players.

How do I change my crosshair color in VALORANT?

A Cypher player holds the Spike, a bomb, and prepares to plant it on a Haven bombsite in VALORANT.
Image via Riot Games

If you’re looking to do some quick tweaks to your crosshairs after seeing the endless possibilities ahead, it’s a simple process to make some adjustments. Now you’ll be tapping heads with all the colors of the rainbow.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to changing your crosshair in VALORANT.

A screenshot of the crosshair settings menu inside VALORANT.
Crosshair settings window. Screenshot by Dot Esports
  1. Head to the settings menu by pressing ESC or clicking the gear icon on the top right.
  2. Go into the Crosshair tab.
  3. Locate the Primary tab.
  4. Click on the dropdown menu next to crosshair color.
  5. Choose Custom option.
  6. Add your particular code into the box and select it.

Now in the menu, you’ll also be able to adjust it easily with the click of a few buttons. Remember what you set your crosshair to previously, just in case you’re not a big fan of your changes. You can also save various presets for your go-to colors, if you’re looking to try out a few different ones before committing.

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