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There are multiple maps you'll need to learn.

VALORANT's Sunset Attacker Spawn.
Image via Riot Games

VALORANT’s map pool has consistently grown since its release, continuously challenging players to learn the new hiding and lurking spots, and giving them an opportunity to get creative with their favorite agents. While maps like Breeze offer long sightlines suited for Operators or rifles, other maps like Split feature claustrophobic hallways with close-quarter combat. There is a VALORANT map for every type of player, and new maps are constantly added to the game. 

Unlike League of Legends, which is only played on Summoner’s Rift, VALORANT maps are here to spice up the meta, giving each and every agent a chance to prove themselves as an invaluable team member. Still, I would be lying if I didn’t say that some maps just suit certain agents, giving them edge over opponents.

So, here are all currently available maps in VALORANT, along with handy tips and tricks that could make or break your games.

Every map in VALORANT

The new map rotation might be confusing, especially if you are just joining the fun. But there are currently 10 VALORANT maps:

  • Ascent
  • Bind
  • Breeze
  • Fracture
  • Haven
  • Icebox
  • Pearl
  • Split
  • Lotus
  • Sunset

Maps are often adjusted and edited as needed, especially if players find a way to abuse a spot or location. For example, as of VALORANT Act Seven, Episode Two, Breeze made a dazzling entrance with a new coat of paint with Riot revamping Mid, the B site, A Hall, the A Shop, and Cave.

It’s important to note not all maps are featured in the competitive pool, and you won’t need to learn them all before you feel comfortable jumping into ranked queues.

Currently, there are seven maps in rotation, and this is likely to change when VALORANT nears a new season.


Two players attacking another one on Ascent VALORANT map.
You can really get creative on Ascent. Image via Riot Games

Taking place in Italy, Ascent is what Riot called “an open playground,” and it comes with only two sites—A and B, two entrances to them, but what makes this spicy is the middle area that opens it up to flanks and lurking. On top of that, you can play around impenetrable doors for sneaky peaks and quick in and outs.


Bird view of the Bind map in VALORANT.
Bind is one of the simplest VALORANT maps. Image via Riot Games

The Bind Map is as simple as VALORANT maps can get, with it having only two sites and no middle. But, Riot didn’t want to take away your strategic powers, and that’s why there’s a one-way teleporter that opens up the map for flanks and lurking, but it’s important to note that each time an agent or an object passes through it, there will be an audio cue all players can hear. Because of all that, there aren’t many callouts on this map and you have to keep your eyes mainly peeled on the sites.


An overhead view of VALORANT map Breeze.
The Breeze map in VALORANT is actually no breeze. Image via Riot Games

This map takes you to nowhere else but the iconic Bermuda Triangle. Again, there are only two sites that need guarding, but the middle area is quite large and you can never know from which angle will attackers come. There are nifty tools like ropes that will surely push you out of your comfort zone, and force you to find your limits. Since this map is so open, the best weapons here will be long-range ones like Marshall, but if you got money to spend, Phantom and Spectre will always be ideal.


Part of the Fracture map . Image taken from a corner
Fracture has a unique design. Image via Riot Games

US-made map, Fracture, at first seems like easy-peasy map, but it’s quite unique since outside two sites it has quite a lot neutral area and you can never be too paranoid here. You never know when enemies might jumpscare you here, and it’s best to approach it with is to always stay cautious. To make things even worse, you have ziplines and an automatic door that can easily reveal your location. Fracture is also a map that’s quite controversial among players, and I feel like it will never be loved.


VALORANT Revolver on the A site of Haven with brimstone ultimate landing toward Defender entrance.
Haven is not really a haven, don’t let the name fool you. Image via Riot Games

Honestly, Haven doesn’t feel like haven, or heaven, at all to me. It’s actually what I call a nightmare in VALORANT because it’s huge, has three sites, and I never know if I’m walking into a death trap. But, the size of this map doesn’t affect the number of ultimate orbs that spawn, and you can only find them in the A and C area. Since this map is packed with allies and corners, I like bringing my good old friend Shorty with me, just to stay on the safe side.


Bird view of the Icebox map in VALORANT.
The Icebox map changed over the years. Image via Riot Games

Don’t let the size fool you, Icebox is anything but an easy map. This is a map that accentuates and rewards game knowledge and finesse, and here you always have to adapt on the go, or perish. It comes with only two planting sites, various high grounds, ziplines, and quite a lot of cover, and you really need to know this map by heart before diving into ranked queues when it is in rotation.


VALORANT map Pearl.
Pearl follows the traditional map design. Image via Riot Games

When life gets tough, and you need one good VALORANT match to bring you back to your old self, Pearl will be the place be. Unlike Icebox that will give you a headache with all its corners, Pearl follows a simpler design with only two sites and three coridors and thankfully doesn’t include any tools you need to learn to use. If you want to find success on this map, I recommend you bring either Astra or Killjoy. While Astra excels on this map due to her ultimate ability, Cosmic Divide, that will divide the map the way you want, Killjoy can easily control almost all critical areas on this map.


Bird view of the Split VALORANT map
Image via Riot Games

When you think about Split, you surely think about all the ascenders you can find there that connect different areas of the map. On this map, it isn’t enough to watch the two sites, corridors between them, and mid, but you have to be aware of what, or who, might come at you from the above. Precisely because of that, you want to bring Raze, Omen, and Killjoy on this map to help you take the high ground.


Bird view of the Lotus map in VALORANT
Lotus is the most skilled map in VALORANT. Image via Riot Games

Lotus is far from being the simplest VALORANT map, but it’s definitely one of the most fun ones. It has three sites, three orb spawn locations, ropes, rotating doorways, and a destructible wall. On this map, only the sky’s the limit to your creativity, and there isn’t a strategy you can’t try out here. You can combine both short and long-range weapons, bring Omen and Raze if you want to optimize your team comp, but here, your own skill and game sense truly shine.


The attacker spawn section of the Sunset map in VALORANT, featuring Los Angeles style architecture.
Sunset is the latest VALORANT map. Image via Riot Games

Set in sunny Los Angeles, Sunset is the latest VALORANT map that has two unique sites and quite a lot of roaming space with three lanes. Besides that, there is a door leading between B Marker and Courtyard. This is a map that perfectly combines the advanced strategy with the VALORANT simplicity we love. If you want to find success here, you can opt for Yoru, Raze, and even Chamber to take critical points and hold them.


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