Best VALORANT agents for each map

Hone your skills with these agents.

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Riot Games’ tactical shooter VALORANT offers players a unique mashup of traditional strategy-based combat mixed with character abilities that enhance gameplay and bring a whole new dimension to the game genre.

The game currently has five different maps that all pose unique styles of gameplay and encourage players to utilize different skills and styles to find success. Players have 12 agents to choose from that provide specific abilities that will better suit some maps more than others.

Here is a list of the best agents to use on each of the maps currently available in VALORANT.


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Ascent is a standard two-site map that has three routes. The B site side of the map offers access through one room that is only accessible through entries on either side, often resulting in the defending team keeping watch as the attackers push forward to get onto the site. A Site includes two long straights that connect onto the site and will see players take a slower approach to that of B site. In the middle of the two sites, there is a third route that is a completely open section of the map, connecting to both sites that can be utilized effectively by the team who takes control due to the chokepoints on the map.


Cypher is a great agent for use on Ascent since he has many tools necessary to hold either site on the map.

Trapwire allows Cypher to zone off the entry and will give him notice once an enemy has triggered the trap. Cyber Cage slows the assault of enemies once Cypher knows where they are coming from, allowing him and his team time to adjust and prepare for the firefight. By far the agent’s best tool for this map is his Spycam, which grants vision around many of the chokepoints on the map, alerting Cypher of nearby enemies.


Given the variety of different chokepoints on the map, Pheonix is a fantastic pick, especially for the attacking side. The agent’s ability to check corners with the use of Curveball to flash any enemies that may be waiting gives him a great way to push forward while minimizing his risk. Blaze is another tool that Pheonix has to zone off entrances and deter enemies from taking routes on the map. Pheonix’s greatest tool for Ascent is his ultimate ability Run it Back, which will allow him not only to check for danger but to control the middle of the map.


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Split has two sites both with high structures that can be used to watch over and keep vision on their respective site. Either side of the map has a longer more strategic pathway to breach, while the middle of the map offers a rapid way to get the high ground over the enemy team as well as offering access to each site.


Brimstone is the most important agent for this map due to his ability to impair vision and hide entries with his Sky Smoke ability. This not only allows Brimstone to smoke off one area but three, allowing him to effectively cover a path onto a site while blocking out key viewpoints for enemies. Outside of his smokes, Brimstone brings value with his Orbital Strike that can rain down on either site as they are both exposed and Incendiary launcher that can zone off entry for a short time.


Much like Brimstone, Viper excels on Split due to her ability to block key vision for enemies as she and her team approach either site. Using her Toxic Screen, Viper can completely block off the higher vision on A site, allowing the team to approach the site unseen. Her most powerful tool is her ultimate Viper’s Pit. On Split, the ability can conceal the entire site area and allow her to plant or defend on the site without being seen.


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Haven was the first map in Valorant to include three sites. This changes up how the map is played drastically since players will need to be aware of what is happening around the entire map. For defenders, this map will prove incredibly difficult because they will have to cover all three sites and be ready to reposition at notice to protect a single target.


To effectively defend on Haven, agents with the ability to zone off sites and deter attackers from pushing are going to be crucial. Omen is a great choice for this map, especially when positioned to defend C site. Dark Cover will completely block vision for enemies when placed in the long straight and can often cause them to slow their assault or allow the team to reposition to defend. On top of this, Shadow Walk allows Omen to teleport himself on top of some structures into positions that enemies may not be looking to check resulting in some quick kills.


Sage is another powerful champion on Haven since she can completely block pathways with her Barrier Orb. This will see Sage create a wall that can block a site off, narrowing the attacker’s options down to two. The agent also has the use of a Slow Orb that will force attacking enemies to slow their assault or risk being taken out. On the attacking side, Sage can use her Barrier Orb to zone off one entry, narrowing the defender’s options.


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Bind has two distinctly different options for attackers to take. B site requires attackers to venture up a long straight leading to the site or two short choke points through Hookah. A site looks entirely different with the options being to push through a shower building that exits onto site or venture through the middle of the map onto A side through a short straight leading to an elbow.


Sage proves her effectiveness on Bind by being able to close off pathways for attackers and narrow down their access to either site. Sage’s ultimate ability Resurrection is one of the most powerful as it allows the agent to revive a fallen teammate. While useful on all maps due to the teleporters on Bind, this ability becomes even more effective as the agent can navigate the map more freely.


The smoking abilities of Brimstone shine on Bind. They allow the agent to completely block vision and deter enemies from approaching down the straight or through exit points onto the site. Because the map is set up with many tight hallways, this ability is extremely powerful and will help the team when both attacking or defending.


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VALORANT’s newest map offers a unique setting with many out-of-reach positions that mobile agents will benefit from. A site will offer a close-quarters scenario for players to attack or defend the site, while B site gains access from a massive open area that is perfect for slower playstyles including sniping. This leads to a site full of chokepoints.


With all the out-of-reach surfaces on Icebox, it is a no-brainer to take Jett into combat. She offers players the ability to quickly gain height with the use of Updraft and the power to navigate from surface to surface with Tailwind. The mobility of Jett is not her only powerful trait, however. She also boasts a way to zone off areas of the map with Cloudburst, a smoke-like orb that will deter players from pushing forward.


Breach is the perfect agent to control sites on Icebox. His ability to impair enemies’ vision with Flashpoint makes it incredibly difficult to engage with him in areas with chokepoints such as on either site. This tool comes in just as handy on the attacking side since it will allow him to set up his assault onto the site, taking out any nearby enemies while they are impaired.