TFT Set 6 Patch 12.3: Full notes and updates

Only a handful of big changes are taking place as the team prepares for Set 6.5.

Image via Riot Games

A small number of Teamfight Tactics balance changes are being made in Patch 12.3, the final update for Set Six Gizmos and Gadgets

A majority of the big nerfs and buffs took place with the 12.2 B-patch, along with a handful of others in TFT Patch 12.3. Instead of applying fun changes to the final update of Set Six, the team focused on what’s to come with the release of TFT Set 6.5 Neon Nights.

A total of five new traits were added and two were reworked (Socialite and Colossus). Over 20 new champions join the Set 6.5 roster, along with over 80 Hextech Augments. The PBE for Set 6.5 Neon Nights is scheduled to launch on Feb. 1, with the official release taking place on Feb. 14.

Here’s every buff and nerf taking place in the TFT Set Six 12.3 update

System change

Patch 12.3 will feature a significant change to the Tome of Traits system.

  • Zero to four active and inactive traits: Four random traits to choose from.
  • Five to six active and inactive traits: One tailored trait out of four options.
  • Seven to eight active and inactive traits: Two tailored traits out of a choice of four.
  • Nine to 10 active and inactive traits: Three tailored traits out of four.
  • 11-plus active and inactive traits: All four choices are tailored traits.

Hextech Trait Augments

Preventing players from drawing a dead Hextech Augment as a third option, the TFT balance team has removed Prismatic Crown and Soul Augments as a second or third choice unless a player has the first trait tier active. 

Exceptions to this are a Mutant Crown getting offered with two Mutant units in play and getting offered a Mercenary Crown with two Mercenary units in play. 

Hextech Augments

Sunfire Board was improved by increasing the burn duration to 10 seconds, along with an increase in the health percentage. Exiles were slightly nerfed at one and two, while Thrill of the Hunt had its heal increased at one and two. 

  • Ancient Archives (Tome of Traits): Moved from Gold to Silver tier
  • Exiles: Exiles one and two percent health shield nerfed from 35/50 to 30/45 percent
  • Shrug it Off: Percent health regeneration per second reduced from three to 2.5 percent
  • Sunfire Board: Burn duration increased from eight to 10 seconds
  • Sunfire Board: Maximum burn total over the course of 10 seconds health percentage increased from 16 to 20 percent
  • Thrill of the Hunt: Thrill of the Hunt one and two heal upon elimination buffed from 300/600 to 400/700
  • Underdogs: Percent health regeneration per second reduced from 10 to nine percent
  • High Roller: Bonus gold increased from four to eight
  • Knife’s Edge: Attack damage reduced slightly from 25//40/55 to 25/35/50
  • Mercenary Heart: No longer grants one gold
  • Socialite Heart: No longer grants one gold
  • Windfall Gold: Changed from 15/30/45 to 18/30/45


Only the Socialite and Bodyguard traits were adjusted in TFT Patch 12.3.

  • Socialite(2): Mana regeneration increased from three to four
  • Bodyguard: Armor slightly buffed from 75/150/250/450 to 80/160/250/450


A big balance change was applied to Runaan’s Hurricane, reducing the additional bolt attack damage scaling. 

  • Runaan’s Hurricane: Additional bolt attack damage scaling reduced from 75 to 70 percent.

Bug fixes

  • The Innovator Heart will no longer state that it grants a Singed.
  • Level eight and nine changes from Patch 12.2 are now applied to the Hextech Augment High-End Shopping.
  • Talon’s bleed damage triggering a Smoke Bomb Augment on an enemy unit will no longer instantly kill it.