TFT 6.5 Neon Nights Challenger Series: Standings, meta, and scores

For many players, this was their last chance to qualify for the NA Regional Finals.

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The very best Teamfight Tactics players in North America competed in the last Set 6.5 tournament prior to the Gizmos & Gadgets: Neon Nights Regional Finals. 

Based on TFT Set 6.5 ladder rankings, 16 NA players competed for two invites to the Regional Finals at the Neon Nights Challenger Series tournament. Scheduled to take place over the course of two days, from March 12 to 13, the tournament showcased the 12.5 B-patch meta. Unlike previous NA Set 6.5 tournaments like the recent Innovation Cup, advancement to the Regional Finals was only determined based on a top-two finish at the Challenger Series.

A total of 20 TFT players have already earned an invite to the NA Regional Finals following the Set 6.5 Innovation Cup. Only four spots remain, with two getting determined during the Neon Nights Challenger Series tournament and the other two based on the final Set 6.5 ladder snapshot. 

Coming off a TFT Fight Night win within the 12.5 B-patch meta, Yipeemaokaiyay had their sights on a top-two finish at the Set 6.5 Challenger Series. Only two players competing at the tournament, Trade and Noobowl, had a shot of obtaining an invite to Regionals via the ladder rankings. For everyone else, this was the last opportunity to keep their Set Six TFT competitive season alive. 

March 12 Challenger Series standings

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A total of 16 players were split into two lobbies for six games, with reseeding taking place every two games based on tournament points standings. Only the top eight TFT players from the first day of competition advanced to the Challenger Series playoffs. 

Darth Nub, DPEI, and Illucky had secured a top-eight spot following five games, with C9 soju, Garchompro, Trade, and Notarealastronaut sitting on the cutoff bubble. Warwick re-roll showed up in day one lobby wins, along with Innovator flex, Arcanist, Draven Debonair comp, Senna re-roll, and Mutant.

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Here are the top eight TFT players that advanced to the second day of the Neon Nights Challenger Series tournament.

  • Darth Nub: 47 points
  • DPEI: 46 points
  • Illucky: 37 points
  • Milala: 37 points
  • Noobowl: 36 points
  • Ripple Overdrive: 34 points
  • Spethom: 33 points
  • C9 k3soju: 32 points

March 13 Challenger Series standings

The top eight players competed for a slice of the $2,500 prize pool and two invites to the Regional Finals in late March. Innovator and Irelia flex were the two most-played TFT comps during the first day of competition, followed by Syndicate Ahri and the flex Debonair comp running Draven as a main carry. A total of six games were played with the top two players advancing to the TFT Neon Nights Regional Finals.

Noobowl started off the second day at the TFT Challenger Series with a fifth-place finish, followed by three first-place finishes in a row. With two games left to play, Noobowl was sitting at the top of the leaderboard with C9 k3soju in second place, having a six-point lead over Ripple Overdrive in third.

Noobowl locked a seat at the NA Regional Finals with their fourth straight win during game five. C9 k3soju earned another third-place during game five, with only Ripple Overdrive and Darth Nub providing pressure for that second TFT 6.5 Neon Nights invite to Regionals.

Ripple Overdrive had C9 k3soju sweating during game six after the veteran took a seventh but was taken out by Illucky and just missed placing second overall for the day to earn that TFT Regional Finals invite.

Image via Wisdom/Riot Games

Here were the final standings for the TFT 6.5 Challenger Series

  • Noobowl: 47 points
  • C9 k3soju: 38 points
  • Ripple Overdrive: 36 points
  • Darth Nub: 32 points
  • DPEI: 25 points
  • Spethom: 25 points
  • Illucky: 22 points
  • Milala: 21 points