How to play TFT 6.5 Warwick in Neon Nights

Speed is the key to success.

Image via Riot Games

Warwick returns as a primary Teamfight Tactics carry via the Neon Nights 12.5 B-patch, stomping over enemy teams with his speed and power. 

Re-roll comps within the TFT Set 6.5 meta were hit hard in the 12.5 B-patch, but both Warwick and Tryndamere were left out of the long list of nerfs. Running Chemtech and Challenger Set 6.5 units was already a strong opening build to play within Neon Nights, and it got even stronger due to the other TFT re-roll comps getting toned down in the B-patch. 

Warwick is a two-cost Set 6.5 champion with the traits Challenger and Chemtech. His spell, Eternal Hunger, deals an additional percentage of his target’s health as bonus damage while also healing the wolf. The Chemtech trait within Neon Nights grants attack speed at each breakpoint, along with damage reduction and health regeneration. The Challenger trait, on the other hand, grants attack speed while prompting units to dash to a new target and gain bonus attack speed upon taking out an enemy unit. 

Players can craft a variety of Warwick TFT Set 6.5 re-roll builds depending on other comps within their lobby and Hextech Augment options presented throughout a game. Trait Augments and Spatulas for Chemtech and/or Challenger traits are a top priority. Other Hextech Augments that support Warwick includes Chemical Overload, Featherweights, Disintegrator, Knife’s Edge, and Weakspot. 

Image via Phin/Lorus

The first item priority for Warwick should either be a Guinsoo’s Rageblade or a Statikk Shiv. Both are solid choices that provide value throughout a game. The other two best TFT Set 6.5 items in the wolf are Titans Resolve and Quicksilver. 

Tryandamere is a solid joint-primary carrier with Warwick that players can also attempt to three-star while slow-rolling at level seven. The Barbarian King wants AD items, putting those Swords to use via Last Whisper, Blood Thirster, and Infinity Edge. 

Image via Robinsongz

Sharing the spotlight with Warwick is the TFT Set 6.5 champion Quinn. The ranger-knight of Demacia reduces the attack speed of enemies while disarming an enemy target for three seconds. Spear of Shojin is an ideal priority item for Quinn, along with Statikk Shiv or Rageblade if all three spots on Warwick are full. Renata provides Chemtech synergy during the late game, along with Viktor. Zac works a defensive carry on the frontline, and so does Vi during the midgame stages. 

Players can also run Kai’Sa during the late game stages thanks to a buff she got in the TFT 12.5 B-patch. Morellonomicon is still a great item for the Neon Nights Challenger unit, with Renata holding the item for her until you find the five-cost Set 6.5 champion. Other items that world are Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Jeweled Gauntlet. 

Image via LeDuck

Positioning matters with Warwick. Your team should target the weakest enemy unit first to trigger the Challenger trait ability, granting your whole team increased attack speed that snowballs throughout the rest of the round. Players should also consider not getting caught by an opponent’s Zephyr on Warwick. Quicksilver is also a key item heading into the late-game stages due to a high amount of crowd control within the TFT Set 6.5 meta.