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Here’s every TFT Set 5 Reckoning champion and their abilities

Choose your champions wisely.

A total of 60 champions will battle it out in Teamfight Tactics’ fifth set, Reckoning.

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Scheduled to hit the live servers on April 28, Set Five Reckoning showcases a thematic of good against evil. The 60 TFT champions synergize via their traits, in which the fifth set contains 13 Origins and 14 Classes. Reckoning also features a new Shadow Item mechanic, along with other system changes and new Little Legends

From 13 one-cost TFT champions to the Legendaries of Set Five Reckoning, here’s every champion and their abilities. 

One-cost Set Five champions

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There are a total of 13 one-cost TFT Set Five champions. 


Aatrox’s spell is Deathbringer Strike. The dragon’s traits are Legionnaire and Redeemed. Deathbringer Strike strikes his target, dealing a percent of Aatrox’s attack damage while healing him for a percent of his maximum health.

  • Percent of attack damage: 260/280/360 percent
  • Percent of maximum health: 200/300/450


Drunken Rage is Gragas’ spell. Gragas’ traits are Dawnbringer and Brawler. Drunken Rage has Gragas drink from his cask, granting him damage reduction for four seconds. His next basic attack deals bonus magic damage.

  • Damage reduction: 40/50/60 percent
  • Bonus damage: 175/250/400 percent


Kalista’s spell is Pierce. Her traits are Abomination and Legionnaire. Kalista’s spear targets the farthest enemy, dealing a percent of her attack damage plus bonus physical damage to the first enemy it hits. If Pierce kills the target, her spear continues and will deal the overkill damage to the next target it hits. 

  • Percent of attack damage: 180/200/240 percent
  • Bonus damage: 350/600/1000


Taste Their Fear is Kha’Zix’s spell. Traits are Dawnbringer and Assassin. Kha’Zix targets the nearest enemy, dealing magic damage. If the enemy has no adjacent allies, this damage is increased. 

  • Magic damage: 250/350/550
  • Isolation damage: 750/1050/1650


Kled’s spell is Violent Tendencies and his traits are Hellion and Cavalier. Kled begins combat riding Skaarl with a shield for 80 percent of his maximum health. When the shield is broken, Kled dismounts, becoming un-targetable for a brief moment. Violent Tendencies then grants him attack speed, with every fourth attack dealing 200 percent of his attack damage. Starting in Patch 11.13, Kled gains bonus damage every fourth attack even while mounted.

  • Attack speed bonus: 70/80/100 percent


Leona’s spell is the Solar barrier. Her traits are Redeemed and Knight. Leona raises her shield, reducing all incoming damage for four seconds.

  • Damage reduction: 30/60/400


Lissandra’s spell is 1000 Daggers. Her traits are Coven and Renewer. Lissandra throws a dagger at the enemy with the highest attack damage, dealing magic damage to the first target it hits. After hitting its initial target, or at its final destination, the dagger explodes and deals magic damage to all nearby enemy units. All enemies hit by 1000 Daggers have their attack damage reduced by 40/40/60 percent for eight seconds.

  • Initial damage: 280/330/450
  • Secondary damage: 140/165/225


Buckler Toss is Poppy’s spell. Her traits are Hellion and Knight. Poppy throws her buckler at the farthest enemy, dealing magic damage. It bounces back, granting Poppy a shield that blocks damage. 

  • Magic damage: 150/250/400
  • Damage blocked: 250/375/525


Udyr’s spell is Feral Instinct and his traits are Draconic and Skirmisher. Swapping between Turtle and Tiger stance, Udyr gains benefits. The turtle provides a shield for four seconds. Tiger strikes rapidly three times with his next basic attack for a percent of his attack damage. 

  • Turtle shield: 250/350/550
  • Percent of attack damage: 120/130/180 percent


Vayne’s spell is Silver Bolts. Traits for Vayne are Forgotten and Ranger. Attacks apply Silver Bolts and the third stack consumes all stacks on the target to deal bonus true damage. 

  • True damage: 70/100/140


Transfusion is Vladimir’s spell. Vladimir’s traits are Nightbringer and Renewer. Transfusion deals magic damage to the target and heals Vladimir. 

  • Damage: 300/420/540
  • Healing: 200/250/350


Warwick’s spell is Infinite Duress. Traits are Forgotten and Brawler. Warwick leaps to target with lowest percent health, stunning, and dealing magic damage. Infinite Duress heals Warwick for 80 percent of the damage over two seconds. If Infinite Duress kills the target, Warwick instantly casts again. 

  • Magic damage: 200/300/450


Arcane Bomb is Ziggs’ spell. Traits are Hellion and Spellweaver. Ziggs throws the Arcane Bomb at his target, dealing magic damage.

  • Magic damage: 250/375/525

Two-cost Set Five champions

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There are a total of nine two-cost Reckoning champions.


Brand’s spell is Sear. His traits are Abomination and Spellweaver. Brand launches Sear at the nearest non-seared enemy, searing them for magic damage over 12 seconds. Seared enemies have reduced magic damage. Brand’s spell burn tick rate is 1.5 seconds.

  • Sear damage: 600/900/1500
  • Magic resist reduction: 40/50/70 percent


Spirit of Dread is Hecarim’s spell. His traits are Forgotten and Cavalier. Spirit of Dread creates an aura around himself for three seconds. Each enemy within the aura takes magic damage and Hecarim heals himself over the duration. 

  • Magic damage: 250/350/500
  • Healing:v250/350/500


Thresh’s spell is Death Sentence. He has the traits Forgotten and Knight. Thresh throws his scythe towards the farthest enemy, chaining thhem and pulling them toward himself.

  • Damage: 200/400/1000
  • Spell pull duration: 2/3/4 seconds


Kennen’s spell is Flame Rush and the traits are Hellion and Skirmisher. Kennen dashes behind his target, engulfed in flame, and then to the farthest enemy. Enemies he passes through are zapped, dealing magic damage and stunning them. 

  • Magic damage: 150/225/350
  • Stun duration: 1.5/2/3 seconds


Nautilus’ spell is Anchor Slam. His traits are Ironclad and Knight. Nautilus knocks up and stuns his target, dealing magic damage. Enemies adjacent to the target receive half of this effect. 

  • Stun duration: 3/4/6 seconds
  • Damage: 200/300/750


Fury of the North is Sejuani’s spell. Her traits are Nightbringer and Cavalier. Sejuani charges with Bristle, dealing magic damage and stunning her target for four seconds. She then gains Frost Armor, providing armor and magic resist. 

  • Magic damage: 100/150/300
  • Armor and magic resist: 300/450/750
  • Duration: 2/3/4 seconds


Haymaker is Sett’s spell. His traits are Draconic and Brawler. Haymaker shreds armor for 10 seconds, dealing a percent of Sett’s attack damage as physical damage to all enemies in the area. 

  • Shredding armor: 20/25/30
  • Percent of attack damage: 160/180/220 percent


Soraka’s spell is Equinox. Their traits are Dawnbringer and Renewer. Equinox targets the enemy with the highest current percent mana, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit and increasing the cost of their next ability. 

  • Magic damage: 150/225/350
  • Mana cost increase: 35/35/35 percent


Force of Will is Syndra’s spell. Traits for Syndra are Redeemed and Invoker. Syndra grabs the nearest enemy and flings them toward the farthest enemy, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies upon impact and stunning the thrown target. 

  • Magic damage: 300/400/600
  • Stun duration: 2/2.5/4 seconds


Trundle drains his target’s strength, reducing their health, armor, magic resist, and attack damage by 35 percent and granting himself 100/130/200 percent (modified by AP) of the drained stats for eight seconds.

  • Percent stolen: 30/35/45 percent


Leblanc’s spell is Etheral Chains. Her traits are Coven and Assassin. Leblanc throws her chains at the two nearest enemies, dealing magic damage and stunning them.

  • Etheral Chains damage: 100/150/250
  • Stun duration is 1.5/2/2.5 seconds


Hail of Arrows is Varus’ spell. Traits are Redeemed and Ranger. Varus fires Hail of Arrows around the target, dealing a percent of his attack damage as physical damage. Varus and allies within the area are blessed, dealing bonus magic damage with their attacks for six seconds. 

  • Percent of attack damage: 150/155/165 percent
  • Bonus damage: 40/60/90


Viktor’s spell is Siphon Power and his traits are Forgotten and Spellweaver. Siphon Power deals magic damage to the nearest enemy and grants a shield to the three nearest allies to that enemy for five seconds. 

  • Magic damage: 300/500/850
  • Ally Shield: 150/250/425

Three-cost TFT Set Five champions

Image via Riot Games

There are a total of 13 three-cost Set Five champions. 


Enchanted Arrow is Ashe’s spell. Her traits are Verdant, Draconic, and Ranger. Ashe’s arrow targets the farthest enemy, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit and stunning them. If the arrow travels at least five Hexes, the stun duration is doubled. Enemies within one Hex receive 50 percent of these effects. 

  • Magic damage: 300/450/750
  • Stun duration: 1.5/2/2.5 seconds


Katarina’s spell is Sinister Blade. Traits for Katarina are Forgotten and Assassin. Katarina throws a dagger at the farthest enemy, dealing magic damage. When the dagger lands near the target, Katarina teleports to it and launches three additional daggers at the nearest enemies that each deal magic damage. Sinister Blade also reduces the incoming healing of targets hit by 50 percent for eight seconds.

  • Initial damage: 180/250/420
  • Secondary damage: 90/125/210

Lee Sin

Cripple is Lee Sin’s spell. His traits are Nightbringer and Skirmisher. Cripple slams the ground, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and slowing their attack speed by 50 percent for four seconds. 

  • Magic damage: 250/350/700


Lulu’s spell is Whimsy and her traits are Hellion and Mystic. Whimsy casts an enchantment on the units nearest to her. If this enchants an ally, they gain bonus attack speed for four seconds. If an enemy is enchanted, they are transformed into a docile feline, stunning them and causing them to take 20 percent increased damage. 

  • Number of targets: 3/4/6
  • Attack speed bonus: 70/80/120 percent
  • Stun duration: 1.5/2/2.5 seconds


Lux’s spell is Prismatic Barrier. Her traits are Redeemed and Mystic. Prismatic Barrier targets the farthest ally, returning to Lux. Lux, and each ally touched by the Barrier, are shielded for three seconds. Lux also empowers her next attack to deal additional magic damage. 

  • Shield: 125/200/400
  • Additional magic damage: 400/600/1000


Soul Shackles is Morgana’s spell. Her traits are Nightbringer, Coven, and Mystic. Morgana fires chains to nearby enemies within two Hexes, dealing magic damage. After three seconds, all chained enemies are dealt additional magic damage and stunned. 

  • Initial damage: 250/300/550
  • Additional damage: 200/300/550
  • Stun duration: 2.5/3/4 seconds


Nidalee transforms into a cougar and leaps behind the lowest Health enemy. While in cougar form, Nidalee gains 45 percent dodge chance, 40/50/75 percent attack speed, and her attacks become melee attacks that deal 200/300/600 bonus magic damage every fourth attack.


Nocturne’s spell is Umbra Blades and his traits are Revenant and Assassin. Nocturne slashes all adjacent enemies for 125 percent of his attack damage with every third attack. He also heals himself for a percent of the damage dealt. If only one target is hit, Nocturne increases his attack speed for three seconds. 

  • Healing: 90/95/100 percent
  • Attack speed bonus: 30/35/40 percent


Consume is Nunu’s spell. Their traits are Abomination and Brawler. Willump bites his target, dealing magic damage. If Willump’s target has less health than he does before the bite, it deals an additional 50 percent damage and becomes true damage. 

  • Magic damage: 500/750/1800


Pantheon’s spell is Aegis Assault. Traits for Pantheon are Dragonslayer and Skirmisher. Pantheon uses his shield to reduce all incoming damage for four seconds while dealing a percent of his attack damage in the area in front of him and towards those that are adjacent to his primary target over the duration. 

  • Damage reduction: 65 percent across the board
  • Percent of attack damage: 350/400/500 percent


Riven’s spell is Blade of the Dawn. Her traits are Dawnbringer and Legionnaire. Riven stuns nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds while dealing magic damage. For the next eight seconds, she gains bonus attack damage. 

  • Magic damage: 100/200/500
  • Bonus attack damage: 80/90/130 percent


Burning Blade is Yasuo’s spell. His traits are Nightbringer and Legionnaire. Yasuo deals magic damage upon striking his target. He then gains stacking bonus true damage on-hit for the rest of combat. 

  • Magic damage: 250/350/700
  • Bonus damage: 30/40/75
  • On-hit damage from Burning Blade: 25/35/70


Zyra’s spell is Grasping Roots and their traits are Draconic and Spellweaver. Zyra targets the farthest enemy with vines. Enemies hit by the vines are dealt magic damage and are stunned. 

  • Magic damage: 200/325/700
  • Stun duration: 2/2.5/3 seconds

Four-cost TFT Set Five champions

Image via Riot Games

There are a total of 11 four-cost Set Five Reckoning champions. 


Aphelios’ spell is Dark Vigil. His traits are Nightbringer and Ranger. Aphelios launches multiple attacks simultaneously, one at his target and the rest at the enemies nearest to them, dealing a percent of his attack damage plus bonus physical damage to each. 

  • Number of attacks: 4/4/8
  • Percent of attack damage: 160/180/220 percent
  • Bonus damage: 125/150/300


Diana’s spell is Moonfall. Her traits are Dragonslayer, Nightbringer, and Assassin. All nearby enemies are drawn into Diana via Moonfall, dealing magic damage and stunning them. 

  • Magic damage: 250/350/1500
  • Stun duration: 2/2.5/4 seconds


Spinning Axes is Draven’s spell. His traits are Forgotten and Legionnaire. Spinning his ax empowers Draven’s next attack to deal a percent of his attack damage plus bonus physical damage. It will return to Draven’s location after striking the target. And if he catches it, it will refresh the buff. Draven can spin up to two axes at a time. 

  • Percent of attack damage: 170/180/340 percent
  • Bonus damage: 150/200/500


Ivern’s spell is Daisy! His traits are Revenant, Invoker, and Renewer. Ivern summons Daisy to fight, gifting her 100 percent of his attack ability. Daisy immediately casts Shockwave upon her summon. If Daisy is already summoned, Ivern increases her ability power and commands her to cast Shockwave again. 

  • Ability power increase: 100/150/300 percent


Jax’s spell is Empowered Strike. His traits are Ironclad and Skirmisher. Jax hits his target for a percent of his attack damage and gains 30/35/100 percent stacking attack speed for the remainder of combat. Jax leaps to the nearest enemy if no target is in his attack range. 

  • Percent of attack damage: 200/220/300 percent


Karma’s spell is Soulflare. Traits for Karma are Dawnbringer and Invoker. Karma fires energy towards a random enemy’s location that detonates upon impact, dealing magic damage to adjacent enemies and reducing Karma’s maximum mana (down to a minimum of 10). Karma empowers every third cast, causing it to launch three bursts of energy toward different targets instead of one. 

  • Magic damage: 225/280/700
  • Spell cast mana lock: 1.25 seconds
  • Mana reduction per cast: 15/15/30


Mordekaiser’s spell is Infernal Rise. His traits are Dragonslayer and Legionnaire. Mordekaiser shields himself for 50 percent of his maximum health for five seconds, empowering his mace to deal bonus magic damage and gain one Hex of range for the same duration. 

  • Bonus damage: 450/600/5000


Rell’s spell is Attract and Repel. Her traits are Redeemed, Ironclad, and Cavalier. Rell leaps into the air, tethering herself from her farthest ally. When she lands, the tether is broken, granting all allies near and between them a shield for four seconds and stunning all enemies in the same area. 

  • Shield: 300/450/3000
  • Stun duration: 1.5/2/8 seconds


Flux prison is Ryze’s spell. His traits are Forgotten, Abomination, and Mystic. Ryze imprisons the nearest enemy, dealing magic damage and stunning them. Ryze was then updated via Patch 11.13 with his empowered Rune Prison now stuning secondary targets for half the stun duration (.75/1/2). The main target is still stunned for the full duration (1.5/2/4)

  • Magic damage: 200/250/800
  • Stun duration: 1.5/2/4 seconds


Taric’s spell is Nature’s Touch. His traits are Verdant and Knight. All allies in a large area around Taric are healed while gaining armor for five seconds. 

  • Healing: 500/750/5000
  • Armor: 50/75/500


Vel’Koz’s spell is Plasma Fission and its traits are Redeemed and Spellweaver. Vel’Koz shoots a ray of energy toward the enemy nearest to the center of the battlefield for three seconds, dealing magic damage over the duration. The beam widens as Vel’Koz channels. He will also turn if no enemies are in the area. 

  • Total damage: 900/1150/4000

Five-cost Set Five TFT champions

Image via Riot Games

There are a total of eight Legendary five-cost Set Five Reckoning champions. 


Darius’ spell is God-Wolf’s Courage and his traits are Nightbringer and God-King. Darius transforms into God-Wolf, becoming unstoppable as he lunges at a nearby enemy. God-Wolves join Darius in his hunt, each targeting their own prey. Enemies bitten by a God-Wolf are dealt a percent of Darius’s attack power as physical damage and have their armor reduced by 50 percent for eight seconds. After bitting his prey, Darius’s next few attacks restore 15/20/50 percent of his maximum health.

  • Percent of attack damage: 180/220/2000 percent
  • Number of attacks: 3/4/10


Garen’s spell is God-Lion’s Justice. His traits are Dawnbringer and God-King. Garen calls down a sword that strikes a large area around his target, dealing a percent of each target’s maximum health in magic damage while reducing their magic resist by 50 percent for eight seconds. Garen gains a shield equal to 50 percent of his maximum health for a few seconds. 

  • Percent of health: 20/25/200 percent


Heimerdinger’s spell is Upgrade! His traits are Draconic, Renewer, and Caretaker. Heimerdinger empowers his baby dragon, causing its next attack to be overcharged, launching three fireballs across the battlefield, dealing magic damage while burning enemies for three percent of the maximum health as true damage over six seconds. It also reduces healing by 50 percent of the duration. If Heimerdinger does not have turret, this spell will create one instead. 

  • Magic damage: 500/650/7777


Kayle’s spell is Divine Ascent and her traits are Redeemed, Verdant, and Legionnaire. Kayle ascends throughout the fight, gaining additional bonuses. Her attacks deal a percent of Kayle’s attack damage as bonus true damage. Kayle’s attacks explode around the target dealing her attack damage and bonus true damage to adjacent enemies. Her third added bonus grants Kayle damage immunity for one second every 15 attacks. Her fourth brings swords to rain down around the target, dealing magic damage. 

  • Ascension time frequency: 5/5/1
  • Percent of attack damage: 90/100/1000 percent
  • Magic damage: 80/125/4000


Kindred’s spell is Lamb’s Respite. Their traits are Eternal, Mystic, and Ranger. Lamb creates a zone around herself that prevents allies within from dying. While Lamb’s Respite is active, Wolf is invulnerable. Wolf’s ability returns to Lamb, healing them both and then launches himself at the lowest health enemy, dealing magic damage. 

  • Duration: 2.5/3/10
  • Minimum Health: 100/100/2500
  • Healing: 150/200/9999
  • Magic damage: 300/400/9999


Teemo’s spell is Teemo’s Cruelty. His traits are Hellion, Cruel, and Invoker. Teemo scatters Infernal Souls around a random enemy. When an enemy nears an Infernal Soul (or after three seconds), it explodes, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and reducing their attack speed by 50 percent. 

  • Number of Infernal Souls: 4/6/66
  • Magic damage: 130/160/666


Viego’s spell is Sovereign’s Domination. His traits are Forgotten, Skirmisher, and Assassin. Virgo stuns his target for five seconds and deals magic damage to them each second, increased by 100 percent each second. Viego will be interrupted if he is stunned. If his victim dies, they are resurrected at full health to fight for him, but lose a percent of their maximum health per second. Viego’s allies prefer to not target Viego’s victim while they’re being corrupted, and corrupted enemies benefit from your team’s traits rather than their original owners traits. 

  • Magic damage: 200/300/1500
  • Health lost per second: 15/7/0 percent


Volibear’s spell is Doombringer and its traits are Revenant and Brawler. Volibear leaps toward its target and slams the ground in a large area around him, removing any shields. Doombringer also deals magic damage while knocking up and stunning Volibear’s enemies. 

  • Magic damage: 150/250/5000
  • Stun duration: 2.5/3/10 seconds

Champions within Set Five Reckoning are subject to have their abilities reworked, and stats adjusted during normal patches. Many of these TFT stats are subject to change during the two-week PBE period. This article will get updated throughout PBE and during normal patches within Set Five Reckoning.

Updated June 24 1pm CT: This article was updated to reflect all of the balance changes in TFT Patch 11.13.

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