TFT Set 5 system changes to watch for

Don't get left behind in the Black Mist.

Teamfight Tactics Reckoning
Image via Riot Games

A number of Teamfight Tactics system changes are expected to take place within Set Five Reckoning, from component nerfs and item reworks to an Armory pop-up shop. 

Scheduled to release via PBE servers on April 14, TFT Set Five showcases a battle of good versus evil. The Black Mist has invaded the auto-battler, twisting champions, traits, and items. All items and components will appear different, using the new League icon style. Carousels will also appear different from the ones used in Fates, visually emphasizing the chaos and order theme of TFT Reckoning. 

A total of three components are receiving initial nerfs heading into the Set Five PBE trials prior to the official launch. 

  • Recurve Bow: Plus 10 attack speed
  • Giants Belt: Plus 150 health
  • B.F. Sword: Plus 10 attack damage
Image via Riot Games

There are also four items that have received a rework.

  • Archangel’s Staff: Previously known as Luden’s Echo, Archangel’s Staff grants its wearer spell power equal to 35 percent of their maximum mana each time the wearer casts their spell. 
  • Bloodthirster: Basic attacks heal the holder for 40 percent of the damage dealt. The first time its wearer falls below 40 percent health, they gain a 40 percent maximum health shield for five seconds.
  • Redemption: The wearer radiates an aura to allies within one Hex, healing them for 30 percent of their missing health every five seconds. Allies affected by this aura take 40 percent reduced damage from area-of-effect attacks. 
  • Frozen Heart: Enemies within two Hexes have their attack speed reduced by 35 percent. Each Frozen Heart a champion carries beyond the first increased the radius of this effect. 

Set Five contains a new mechanic to TFT, utilizing Shadow Items—twisted versions of original items that have a power increase, at a price.  There is a total of nine shadow components, and a spatula can create 16 different traits. Shadow components are found in a pop-up Armory and through stage carousels. Combining a normal component and a shadow one will create a Shadow Item.

Image via Riot Games

Rabadon’s Cursed Deathcap, an example of combining a normal Rod with a Shadow Rod, grants the holder 80 percent additional spell power—as opposed to the 50 percent spell power granted by a normal Rabadon’s Deahtcap. The wearer of the Cursed Deathcap also receives a penalty of negative 25 percent maximum health as its cost. 

Set Five Reckoning will launch via live servers on April 28, and PBE will release on April 14. Items stats and descriptions aren’t locked in stone and are subject to change prior to the official launch. The PBE update may take place a day early on April 13, according to Riot.