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Here’s Riot’s official TFT Set 5 Reckoning trait cheat sheet

Chaos and order invade Set Five traits.
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Riot Games unveiled a total of 13 Origins and 14 classes today for the upcoming Teamfight Tactics Set Five Reckoning.

Scheduled to release on the PBE servers on April 14, Set Five in TFT will have a good-vs-evil theme. Black Mist has seeped into the auto battler through a mysterious portal, according to Riot, creating chaos where there was once order. Set Five Reckoning contains a total of 27 traits and 60 champions, along with new Little Legends and boards.

Image via Riot Games

From Origins like the Forgotten and Redeemed to Skirmisher and Legionnaire classes, here’s every trait in TFT Set Five Reckoning

Set Five Origins

Viego TFT Set Five Reckoning
Image via Riot Games

There are a total of 13 Origins in Reckoning, of which five contain three or fewer champions. The God champions of Set Five, Darius and Garen, are found within the traits Dawnbringer and Nightbringer. 


Image via Riot Games

Abomination awakens a Monstrosity from the grave when three allied champions have been eliminated. The Monstrosity gets bonus health and attack damage based on allied Abomination units’ star levels, according to the TFT cheat sheet.

  • Star level health: 100/160/220
  • Star level damage: 10/16/22

The Monstrosity will also receive a random copy of an item from each of the three Abomination champions nearest the grave when combat starts. It also stops charging after slamming into two targets. The Monstrosity removes attack speed slows and attack damage reduction effects when he casts his spell.  It’s Armor/magic resist is 40/65/75. Attack damage is 100/140/180 and AD damage per star level is 10/14/18.

Champions within the Abomination trait are Kalista (one cost), Brand (two cost), Nunu (three cost), and Ryze (four cost). Trait synergies are activated at 3/4/5.

  • Three Abomination: 1000 health and 90 attack damage, with 100 bonus health and nine AD per star level
  • Four Abomination: 1600 health and 150 attack damage, with 160 bonus health and 15 AD per star level
  • Five Abomination: 2200 health and 200 attack damage, with 220 bonus health and 20 AD per star level


The Hellion trait provides champions with attack speed. Whenever a Hellion dies, according to the Set Five cheat sheet, a Doppelhellion of the same type will leap from the Hellion portal. Doppelhellions will have one less star than the champion that perished and no items. 

Champions who have the Hellion trait are Ziggs (one cost), Kled (one cost), Poppy (one cost), Kennen (two cost), Lulu (three cost), and Teemo (five cost). Trait synergies are activated at 3/5/7.

  • Three Hellion: Five percent attack speed
  • Five Hellion: 50 percent attack speed
  • Seven Hellion: 125 percent attack speed


Image via Riot Games

Coven champions support their leader. At the start of combat, the champion nearest to the center of your Coven champions is chosen as the Coven Leader, according to the Reckoning cheat sheet. Each time a Coven unit casts their ability, a fraction of the cost is bestowed upon the Coven Leader as mana. 

  • Attack Power: 60
  • Mana bonus: 15 percent

Coven champions are Lissandra (one cost), LeBlanc (two cost), and Morgana (three cost). Trait synergies are activated at three.


Image via Riot Games

Similar to Vanguard in Fates, Ironclad allies gain bonus armor. 

Champions with the Ironclad trait are Nautilus (two cost), Rell (four cost), and Jax (four cost). Trait synergies are activated at two and three.

  • Two Ironclad: 35 Armor
  • Three Ironclad: 85 Armor
  • Four Ironclad: 170 Armor


Image via Riot Games

The Dawnbringer trait is all about healing, with champions rapidly healing a percent of their maximum health the first time they drop below 50 percent. When this heal occurs, according to the Set Five TFT cheat sheet, all allied Dawnbringers gain 12 percent bonus damage. 

Dawnbringer champions are Gragas (one cost), Kha’Zix (one cost), Soraka (two cost), Nidalee (three cost), Riven (three cost), Karma (four cost), and Garen (five cost). Trait synergies take place with 2/4/6/8 Dawnbringer champions.

  • Two Dawnbringer: 30 percent of maximum health
  • Four Dawnbringer: 60 percent of maximum health
  • Six Dawnbringer: 90 percent of maximum health
  • Eight Dawnbringer: 130 percent of maximum health


Image via Riot Games

Nightbringer champions gain a decaying shield equal to a percentage of their maximum health the first time they drop below 50 percent, according to the cheat sheet. When this shield is applied, that Nightbringer gains bonus damage. 

There are a total of eight Nightbringer champions: Vladimir (one cost), Sejuani (two cost), Lee Sin (three cost), Morgana (three cost), Yasuo (three cost), Aphelios (four cost), Diana (four cost), and Darius (five cost).

  • Two Nightbringer: 30 percent shield and 20 percent damage
  • Four Nightbringer: 60 percent shield and 30 percent damage
  • Six Nightbringer: 90 percent shield and 40 percent damage
  • Eight Nightbringer: 140 percent shield and 50 percent damage


Image via Riot Games

The Draconic trait provides players with a dragon egg on their bench, like a mashup of the Fortune trait and Ornn’s Artifacts from Fates. With a synergy of at least three Draconic champions, a dragon egg appears on your bench at the end of each player’s combat. After three rounds, a Draconic champion hatches. A synergy of five Draconic champions creates golden eggs that can hatch into rare loot. 

Draconic champions are Udyr (one cost), Sett (two cost), Ashe (three cost), Zyra (three cost), and Heimerdinger (five cost). 


Image via Riot Games

Redeemed champions gain increased armor, magic resist, and ability power at a synergy of 3/6/9. When they perish, according to the TFT cheat sheet, they split this bonus among living Redeemed champions. 

There are a total of eight Redeemed champions: Aatrox (one cost), Leona (one cost), Syndra (two cost), Varus (two cost), Lux (three cost), Rell (four cost), Vel’Koz (four cost), and Kayle (five cost).

  • Three Redeemed: 30 armor and magic resist, 30 percent ability power
  • Six Redeemed: 60 armor and magic resist, 60 percent ability power
  • Nine Redeemed: 100 armor and magic resist, 100 percent ability power


Dragonslayer champions gain ability power at two and four synergies. After the first allied Dragonslayer scores a takedown on an enemy with at least 1,400 maximum health each combat, according to the Set Five cheat sheet, all allies gain additional ability power for the remainder of combat.

Champions that have the Dragonslayer trait are Trundle (two cost), Pantheon (three cost), Diana (four cost), and Mordekaiser (four cost).

  • Two Dragonslayer: 30 percent ability power for Dragonslayers and 20 percent for allies
  • Four Dragonslayer: 70 percent ability power for Dragonslayers and 50 percent for allies
  • Six Dragonslayer: 140 percent ability power for Dragonslayers and 100 percent for allies


Image via Riot Games

Revenant champions revive after their first death each combat, according to the Reckoning cheat sheet. Once revived, they take and deal 30 percent increased damage. 

Champions with the Revenant trait are Nocturne (three cost), Ivern (four cost), and Volibear (five cost). Synergies take place at two and three Revenant champions. 

  • Two Revenant: Revive with 10 percent health
  • Three Revenant: Revive with 40 percent health
  • Four Revenant: Revive with 75 percent of maximum health


Image via Riot Games

Champions that start combat adjacent to at least one Verdant champion are immune to crowd control for the first three seconds of combat, according to the cheat sheet. Trait synergies occur with two Verdant champions. 

Verdant champions are Ashe (three cost), Taric (four cost), and Kayle (five cost).

  • Two Verdant: Four seconds
  • Three Verdant: Six seconds


Image via Riot Games

Champions with the Forgotten trait gain bonus ability power and attack damage. Each Shadow item worn by a Forgotten champion increases the bonus on all Forgotten champions, stacking up to four times. Trait synergies for Forgotten take place at 3/6/9. The Forgotten bonus per Shadow item is 15 percent.

There are a total of nine Forgotten champions: Vayne (one cost),Warwick (one cost), Hecarim (two cost), Thresh (two cost), Viktor (two cost), Katarina (three cost), Draven (four cost), Ryze (four cost), and Viego (five cost).

  • Three Forgotten: 25 attack damage and ability power
  • Six Forgotten: 60 attack damage and ability power
  • Nine Forgotten: 125 attack damage and ability power


Image via Riot Games

Only Kindred has the Eternal trait. Kindred deploys Lamb and Wolf separately, according to the cheat sheet, each with their own abilities and effects based off Kindred’s items. 

Set Five classes

Garen Reckoning Set Five TFT
Image via Riot Games

Set Five Reckoning contains a total of 14 classes, of which all but three contain four or more champions. 


Image via Riot Games

The Assassin trait returns in TFT Set Five, with champions leaping to the enemy backline at the start of combat. Similar to previous sets, champions with an Assassin trait can critically strike and gain bonus critical strike chance and critical strike damage. The Assassin trait synergizes at 2/4/6.

Assassin champions in are Kha’Zix (one cost), LeBlanc (two cost), Katarina (three cost), Nocturne (three cost), Diana (four cost), and Viego (five cost).

  • Two Assassin: 10 percent crit chance and 25 percent crit damage
  • Four Assassin: 30 percent crit chance and 55 percent crit damage
  • Six Assassin: 50 percent crit chance and 90 percent crit damage


Image via Riot Games

Similar to Fates, Brawler champions gain additional maximum health at a synergy of two and four. 

Brawler champions are Gragas (one cost), Warwick (one cost), Sett (two cost), Nunu (three cost), and Volibear (five cost).

  • Two Brawler: 400 bonus health
  • Four Brawler: 1000 bonus health


Image via Riot Games

Mystic champions and all allies gain magic resistance. Mystics synergize at 2/3/4.

There are five Mystic champions: Lulu (three cost), Morgana (three cost), Lux (three cost), Ryze (four cost), and Kindred (five cost).

  • Two Mystic: 40 magic resistance
  • Three Mystic: 100 magic resistance
  • Four Mystic: 180 magic resistance


Image via Riot Games

All allies block a flat amount of damage from all sources when the Knight trait is synergized at 2/4/6.

Knight champions are Leona (one cost), Poppy (one cost), Nautilus (two cost), Thresh (two cost), and Taric (four cost).

  • Two Knight: 20 damage blocked
  • Four Knight: 40 damage blocked
  • Six Knight: 70 damage blocked


Image via Riot Games

Legionnaire champions gain attack speed, and their first attack after casting a spell heals them for 50 percent of the damage dealt. 

There are a total of seven Legionnaire champions: Aatrox (one cost), Kalista (one cost), Riven (three cost), Yasuo (three cost), Draven (four cost), Mordekaiser (four cost), and Kayle (five cost). The Legionnaire trait synergizes at 2/4/6/8.

  • Two Legionnaire: 25 percent attack speed
  • Four Legionnaire: 60 percent attack speed
  • Six Legionnaire: 110 percent attack speed
  • Eight Legionnaire: 195 percent attack speed


Image via Riot Games

Ranger champions gain attack speed for four seconds after four seconds of combat. They regain this bonus every four seconds thereafter.

Champions with the Ranger trait are Vayne (one cost), Varus (two cost), Ashe (three cost), Aphelios (four cost), and Kindred (five cost). The trait synergizes at two and three Ranger champions. 

  • Two Ranger: 75 percent attack speed
  • Three Ranger: 180 percent attack speed


Image via Riot Games

Cavalier champions quickly charge their targets whenever they move. Cavaliers also take reduced damage. At the start of combat and after charging, this effect is doubled for four seconds. 

Champions with the Cavalier trait are Kled (one cost), Hecarim (two cost), Sejuani (two cost), and Rell (four cost). Cavalier champions have trait synergy at 2/3/4.

  • Two Cavalier: 15 percent damage reduction
  • Three Cavalier: 25 percent damage reduction
  • Four Cavalier: 35 percent damage reduction


Image via Riot Games

At two and four Renewer champions, Renewers heal for a percent of the maximum health each second. If their health is full, they restore mana instead.

Renewer champions are Lissandra (one cost), Vladimir (one cost), Soraka (two cost), Ivern (four cost), and Heimerdinger (five cost).

  • Two Renewer: Three percent health or five percent mana
  • Four Renewer: Six percent health or eight percent mana
  • Six Renewer: Nine percent of health or 10 percent mana


Image via Riot Games

Skirmisher champions gain a shield at the start of combat and gain attack damage each second. The trait synergizes at three and six Skirmisher champions. 

There are a total of eight Skirmisher champions: Udyr (one cost), Kennen (two cost), Trundle (two cost), Lee Sin (three cost), Nidalee (three cost), Pantheon (three cost), Jax (four cost), and Viego (five cost).

  • Three Skirmisher: 25 percent of maximum health shield and plus three attack damage each second
  • Six Skirmisher: 45 percent of maximum health sheild and plus 10 attack damage each second
  • Nine Skirmisher: 75 percent of maximum health sheild and plus 10 attack damage each second


Image via Riot Games

Spellweaver champions have increased ability power at two and four synergies. They also get bonus ability power any time a champion uses an ability, stacking up to 10 times.

Spellweaver champions are Ziggs (one cost), Brand (two cost), Viktor (two cost), Zyra (three cost), and Vel’Koz (four cost).

  • Two Spellweaver: 20 ability power and two percent bonus ability power
  • Four Spellweaver: 50 ability power and six percent bonus ability power
  • Six Spellweaver: 80 ability power and an additional eight ability power per cast, stacking up to 10 times


Image via Riot Games

When Invoker synergizes at two and four Invoker champions, all allies gain increased mana per basic attack. 

Invoker champions are Syndra (two cost), Ivern (four cost), Karma (four cost), and Teemo (five cost).

  • Two Invoker: Plus four mana
  • Four Invoker: Plus six mana


Image via Riot Games

Heimerdinger is the only Reckoning Caretaker champion. Caretakers deploy with a baby dragon that can be placed anywhere on the battlefield, according to the TFT cheat sheet. Baby dragons gain 100 percent of their handler’s attack speed and restore 80 mana to their Caretaker upon perishing. 


Image via Riot Games

Teemo is the Set Five champion with the Cruel trait. Cruel champions are purchased with health instead of gold. 


Image via Riot Games

Set Five Reckoning has two God-King champions: Darius and Garen. If a player has exactly one God-King, they deal 30 percent bonus damage to Rival traits. Both TFT God-King champions cost five. 

Garen’s rival traits are: Forgotten, Nightbringer, Coven, Hellion, Dragonslayer, Abomination, and Revenant. 

Darius’ rival traits are: Redeemed, Dawnbringer, Verdant, Draconic, and Ironclad. 

All Set Five Reckoning traits from the PBE cheat sheet are subject to change prior to the official release on April 28. This article will be updated with each PBE patch leading up to the TFT Set Five launch. The PBE update may take place a day early on April 13, according to Riot.

Update June 24 1pm CT: This article was updated to reflect all changes from TFT Patch 11.13.

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